A Letter to Mr. Cosmos, Page Two

The concluding part of my letter to Mr. Cosmos.

Your Universe, Mr. Cosmos, is an enormous place.

Just the view at night from one small planet, the one that I happen to live on, Planet Earth, reveals millions upon millions of stars. It is then beyond inconceivable that there are not, in turn, countless numbers of other planets.

Extending this line of thought and recognising that a ‘mere’ billion years after the formation of our solar system and Planet Earth, some 4.54 billion years ago, the earliest life appeared, we can’t surely be alone!

Granted it was only cyanobacteria, as in blue-green algae, but, but, but ……… that this evolution of life on Planet Earth, and that evolution eventually leading to intelligent life, including the gift to us humans of the genetic separation of the dog from the wolf some 100,000 years ago, has not occurred on other planets is also totally inconceivable.

So, dear Mr. Cosmos, why have we not detected any signs of that intelligent life. Where are they?

Mr. Cosmos, back in June this year there was an article on the Big Think site that asked just this question.

Are we alone in the universe? New Drake equation suggests yes

A fresh take on the decades-old Drake equation incorporates new factors and greater uncertainty, suggesting a high likelihood that humanity is alone in the universe.

By , 25th June, 2018

At the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi famously posed to his colleagues a simple question borne of complex math: ‘Where are they?’

He was asking about aliens—intelligent ones, specifically. The Italian-American scientist was puzzled as to why mankind hasn’t detected any signs of intelligent life beyond our planet. He reasoned that even if life is extremely rare, you’d still expect there to be many alien civilizations given the sheer size of the universe. After all, some estimates indicate that there is one septillion, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, stars in the universe, some of which are surrounded by planets that could probably support life.

So, where are they, and why aren’t they talking to us?

Now, as the article reveals, there is a lot to tackling this question, much of it involving statistics and mathematics, but it does prove one very important fact: Finding another planet as good for life and humanity as this one is just about impossible.

This is our only home!!

My wish, dear Mr. Cosmos, to you is this: That before I die it becomes clear beyond question that the peoples of this sweet Planet, from the lone individual living on some island out in the wilderness to the Governments of the most powerful nations on Earth, understand that nothing is more important than loving, caring for and looking after Planet Earth.

I remain, dear Mr. Cosmos, your respectful servant.

Paul H.

18 thoughts on “A Letter to Mr. Cosmos, Page Two

    1. It is the highest priority for all people and for their/our Governments. Or to put it in the words of my own philosophy of my life: Always leave a clean wake. (I am indebted to the solo sailor, Les Powells, for gifting me that vision some 28 years ago.)

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      1. Yes, that is a good philosophy. It’s motivating other people to take up that philosophy that is the hard part.

        We live in an amazing universe, and while we do not see other life on other worlds, we are rather limited in what we can actually see out there. If we mess up this planet, ultimately it will turn on us… We won’t survive as a species. But something will. Life will just start again. It would be such a shame not to care though. There is so much that is special, right in front of our eyes. Not everyone sees that there is a lot to fight for. Even if that fight is only to do no harm, it will win the day!

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      2. What a profoundly sensible way to end this day; it’s close to turning out the bedside light time. I am referring, of course, to your words above that I have just read!

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      3. My dad always said, “Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it.” These things stick, if we’re lucky. So for me, the broad stroke to that Is the planet. As best we are able. 🌈


  1. Perhaps the cosmos is waiting for humans to become more in sync with their own environment before introducing any kind of “super- intelligence. ” Just a thought 😉


  2. Argh Paul… I could say much upon this subject.. I have to agree with Bela. Though I believe intelligent life ‘alien’ to ourselves is and has been here much longer than any of us suspect.. And disclosure of it will gradually be revealed as we are being primed for such… Knowing who is the enemy is the key, and they are not all from distant planets.. 🙂 as those Hollywood Films would have us believe.. 🙂


      1. I guess Paul unless we have had direct experience no one can for certain say, but evidence is out there if you take the time to uncover it.. And I don’t just mean your UFO channels.. But going into Ancient writings .. And when you find that source matches in certain quarters you begin then to look upon our Human existence in a different light. 🙂 And when you begin to let go of what we have been taught we then begin to build another picture of the Cosmos and our roles within it. 🙂


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