20 thoughts on “Anniversaries!

  1. And, on the pro longevity side, the doctor forgot to ask – “Do you have a pet?”
    Happy 8th anniversary Paul.


  2. Congratulations on the anniversary. We here at the Ranch think your book will still be viable for a good long time. Especially since you are always looking for more ways to learn from dogs. Happy weekend!


  3. Loved this one and I can speak for an 80 year old. I don’t do any of those things either and I ‘d like to see 95 years. 🙂 I loved this humorous post-made me laugh.

    Carry on with your excellent blog. You’ll easily make it to 80 years and beyond. Eighty is not that old. It’s all a mind set. 🙂


      1. Thank you, Paul. I just stay interested in life and animal welfare and my own pets. I credit my animals with my ability to remain active and engaged. I keep on going because they need me and I often just will myself to keep on doing what I love. I live with afib but I work hard to keep it in control with meds and the right kind of food. Plus I rest when I’m tired and then get back up for more work with an aged group of pets. I have only a few that are under 5 years of age. My animals are my life and my life saver. As I type right now it is thundering with rain pelting down. On the floor two of my dogs that fear thunder are resting quietly. Both of these are 14 years old.

        I know this is long but I want to give credit to my animals that have helped me continue to remain active and with a mind that is still pretty good, not as sharp as I’d like but ok. 🙂


      2. What a beautiful reflection on your life. You reveal such a precious attitude. Not by any means the only one in this place which is why this blog has such a wonderful social atmosphere. Which, of course, is what all those with dogs around them also understand. Demonstrating that loving families can take many different forms.

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  4. Congrats on 8 years!!!! That’s a big deal. Making it to 80 is part of my goal too. I’m shooting for 83 or 108. Lots to do between now and then and I need the time. 🙂 Cute cartoons. Kind of true though. If it’s not fun then why do it. So lets have fun all the way through.:)


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