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Paul Handover is a child of the post-war era in Great Britain having been born in London a few months before the end of WWII.  After a rather shaky attempt at being educated, including 2 years studying for a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Paul’s first job was as a commercial apprentice at the British Aircraft Corporation. He then joined the sales desk of British Visqueen, a polythene film and products manufacturer located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, and part of ICI Plastics Division.  In 1968, he travelled out to Sydney, Australia and became part of the sales team at ICIANZ’s Inorganic Chemicals Division.

Upon returning  to the UK, Paul signed up with IBM UK, Office Products division, as a field salesman and spent 8 very happy years with them.  But the lure of starting a business was too strong and he left IBM to start his own company, Dataview Ltd.  Dataview became the 8th Commodore PC dealer in the UK and later the 8th IBM PC dealer.  The company also became famous for producing and globally distributing a British-made word processing program: Wordcraft.

During this exciting period Paul became much more aware of the importance of marketing strategy and the raft of competencies that deliver entrepreneurial success.  After Dataview was sold, he used these experiences to act successfully as a sales and marketing consultant for small and large organisations.  Paul has also been a visiting teacher at both an English and French business school and continues to provide coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurs both sides of the ‘pond’  He lives in Merlin, Oregon, USA with his wife, Jean, also born a Londoner, where he attempts the life of a struggling writer!  Fuller bio on Linked-In.

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  1. Love this Blog……….thought I was the only one left that is grieved over the loss of honesty and integrity in society. Like the aspect of “helping each other thru these difficult times.” Look forward to contribute and read what other bloggers will put forth.

    And, will put a blip in my column in MEXICO LIVING MAGAZINE, which is also dedicated to helping businesses in Mexico and the economy.

    Lynn Prince
    The Guide to the Good Life!


    1. Dear Gerean, how wonderful to make the connection between us. Thank you for calling by and leaving your thoughts. Not sure if you also realise that we are not that many miles apart. Jean and I live a short distance away from Merlin, Oregon, not far from Grants Pass. Hope we can stay in touch, Paul


      1. Paul ~ Yes! I read on your blog that you are in Merlin. I love discovering blogs that are in Southern Oregon. Do you have a corresponding Facebook page to your blog? If so, will connect with you there too. Will definitely keep watch for your posts here. Blessings on you for your love and care for the precious animal spirits. ~Gerean


  2. Glad I came across the Founding Author! I always like to know where Struggling Writers come from. I’m in the same Struggling Writer category. I love your blog site, being a dog owner and dog lover. Yes, we learn a lot from dogs if we only listen and partner with them in their short lives. Look for ward to reading more of your blogs. The photographs alone are awesome to see.


    1. Christine, what a wonderful new comment from yourself and thank you for your kind words. Love it when we make connections across this enormous ‘virtual’ world. Feel free to republish anything you like and, even better, do offer the readers a guest post from your goodself.


      1. Thanks Paul for responding. I’ll certainly keep looking at your blog site for new posts. All my family in the state of WA are dog owners and dog lovers! They would love to see some of your dog photos and captions. They could relate!


    1. Thanks Raj, I’ve just been lucky. All I would add, and I know you will appreciate what I am about to say, is that there is a saying lifted from the game of cricket: “Always play with a straight bat as bent bats are practically useless!”


  3. Dear Paul Handover,
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    My contact information is as follows:

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    Susan Hawkins

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  4. Hi Paul, Glad to hear from you. I was in London a number of years ago with my husband who worked for a large company. We lived there for several years. I lived in Hampstead Heath. I loved London and the surrounding areas. I still have friends there. Thank you understanding my tardiness. Karen 🙂


  5. Hello Paul! Thank you for following my blog and for your nice message. I’m going to enjoy reading yours and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot along the way.
    Tess from Greyhounds In Charge 🐾


  6. Pingback: Rescue
    1. William, a silent reader of the posts no less! I’m kidding! It is wonderful to have you decide to follow me, and now it’s my turn to go to ColliesLife and see what you have there. Welcome!


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