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14 thoughts on “Interaction

  1. It is so difficult knowing all these lovely dogs for so long and not being a part of their lives any more.
    Dear Pheebs, I will miss you , even though I have not seen you in so long, just knowing that you aren’t breathing the same air that we are anymore, fills me with such sorrow….for you, for Poppers, Rose, DuDu, for all you wonderful lot that have passed and are now sitting with your old dad in Heaven, …. you have made my life more full.
    Be careful Darling Lily, guard well, Pharaoh, walk straight Sam Sam, keep on the path Dahlia, old man Chester… all of you Payson pups…S.C. natives Poncho, Sasha and Niki, and all my lot ….send their love with a big WOOF.

  2. I have been reading through your site, and I love it. Great content! And of course, there is no better subject than dogs and puppies! Thank you for the invite to guest blog. I am going to work on a piece and submit it to your email. I believe it will be about our rescue foster and his story of healing and trust. Who knows, I have lots of dog stories 🙂

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