This is the dog!


Yesterday, Julie, Richard’s wife back in England, sent me a photograph of what some unknown dog lover has put on one of the walls of their home.

I can’t find the words to better what is written on that wall.

To increase the impact for you, dear reader, seeing this for the first time, it is presented with a ‘read more’ link.

In other words …..

It can’t be better expressed than that!


19 thoughts on “This is the dog!

  1. What a beautiful memorial. I think I’ve already told you, but every bottle of wine G and I open begins with a toast to every dog and cat we’ve lost, by name.

    1. Yes, I recall this. It’s a very beautiful tribute. Jean and I have the ashes of all the dogs we have lost over the last ten years. They will be buried with us when it’s our time. Thank you, John. Please pass on our fondest regards to G.

      1. Thank you Paul. Funnily enough many people ask me if I do Reiki … it seems that my hands give off a lot of healing energy / Prana. I am very attuned to the healing power of our own energy and happily will lay on hands to share some of this goodness for my yoga students in certain poses if they request it ❤️

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