Back to trees

This week is starting to develop into a theme!

On Monday I published a post Hope Has A Place. It was based upon the hauntingly beautiful track of the same name from Enya. Then yesterday, serendipitously, came The watering hole. Both of those posts, although miles apart in terms of content, nonetheless seemed to subscribe to a common theme. That being that the more that everyday people, good common folk from all around the world, share their feelings, the more likely that those self-same people will make a difference. A positive difference!

Now don’t get me wrong! By presenting these recent posts I am not setting myself up to be anything other than just another everyday person and dog lover who just happens to enjoy sharing stuff via this blog.

Regular readers of this place will recall that a week ago I celebrated Earth Day with a post called Our beautiful, life-giving trees. It included this picture:

We must sing for our trees.
We must sing for our trees.

Then on the following day in a post called Now life-giving geese (by the way, the five baby goslings are doing really well!) I included this photograph:

A baby oak.
And sing for them at all ages!

Yesterday morning I received the latest post from Sue Dreamwalker. It was an impassioned plea to do something and to stop the madness. Sue, in turn, had republished the post that had appeared on Endless Light and Love.

The theme that seems to be developing this week, unplanned I should hasten to add, is that it is all too easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of change that has to take place, must take place, if this generation (I’m a 1944 baby) can die knowing that it will be alright in the end. Because it is my generation that has been responsible, has created the circumstances, for the end of life as we have all known it if nothing is done, and done in the next decade or two.

So to trees.

Our trees are both a symbol for and an indicator of the overall health of our planet.

To close off this part of my two-day post, please watch this short video.

Uploaded on Apr 1, 2015
Trees give us beauty, shade, food, clean water, oxegen, medicine, housing, fresh air, habitat and happiness. For the cost of a craft beer, or a couple of cups of coffee you can protect a specific threatened forest. Each Stand for Trees certificate offsets 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere while providing income to local forest communities. Income that supports education, healthcare, clean water and sustainable livelihoods. Trees stand for us, isn’t it time we stand for trees?

Tomorrow, I will return to hope. Perhaps better written, return with hope.

4 thoughts on “Back to trees

  1. Seems our ‘Collective’ thoughts are inspiring us to link into our Earth Theme .. And I smile as synchronisities bring together themes which unite us.. As our Earth Mother talks, we now need to listen very carefully to her voice.. And wake up to ourselves!

    Have a great day… Hugs Sue

    1. Sue, I find myself oscillating between despair and hope. Suspect I am not alone!

      However, one thing is certain and that Earth Mother’s talking will soon be increasing to an ear-shattering howl if we don’t very soon listen and act.

      Lovely to have your reply.

      1. The thing is this Paul.. The Earth has ALL the time in the world to recover.. Its done so before in the past.. What Mankind has to realise is that his time on Earth is limited to the vibrations he is putting out.. Nature can live quite happily without Man…. Man can not exist with Nature.. 😦

      2. Very wise reminder! Doesn’t lessen the feelings of madness that I experience at times. At mankind knowingly heading down a road of self-destruction unless we turn, and turn soon.

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