Now life-giving geese.

After welcoming Pedy last Saturday, now we welcome five young goslings.

First thing this morning it was another quick check on Mother Goose, as Jean and I tend to do each day these last couple of weeks. She was still sitting on her nest, as she had been since March 17th.

Still sitting at 7am.
Still sitting at 7am.

Jean and I then had to go out this morning for a couple of hours. So imagine our sheer delight upon our return to see an empty nest.

Job done!
Job done!

But this pair first started egg-sitting far too long ago for what we believed was the normal incubation period for Canada Geese; 24 to 28 days. Plus, neighbours Larry and Janell, had seen broken gosling eggs just inside their fence line. We held our breath as we looked around the pond.

Then a few moments later, we saw this:

Five wonderful goslings.
Five wonderful goslings.

That zoomed in showed the new family.


And an even better image ….


Couldn’t stop taking pictures!






So a very happy ending. Apparently young Canada Geese return to their place of birth when they are adults so we look forward to seeing some of them again in 2016.

7 thoughts on “Now life-giving geese.

    1. 🙂 Jean and I find ourselves becoming very protective and parental with these young geese. Of course, we aren’t going near them, just fussing several times a day and checking that they are OK!

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