More from the family.

And it involves dogs! Well in a roundabout way!

Back on Monday I spoke of Rik and his company Ahead4Heights.

Rik then sent me another piece of news about a film that he produced at short notice for Brixham Council.

Recent projects being a the Front page of the local rag, a roof inspection in Teignmouth for one of the largest local roofing contractors who is now on board and promising more work.

More interesting was a commission from Brixham Council for a short film showing the natural beauty of an area near Brixham in order to oppose a planning application for 400 houses. I received a call on that Friday telling me they needed the film for the public inquiry the following Tuesday! With only that Sunday looking good for flying I managed to fly, edit and upload the film later that evening so they had it for Monday morning, it was played at the hearing and has become a pivotal part of the evidence and was watched over 600 times over the following few days.


The land in question is dog walkers heaven and used by all the local residents.

Here is that front page of the Herald Express.

I regret that it is probably far too small a file to show the details. Never mind!

6 thoughts on “More from the family.

  1. It’s so hard to see every available green space taken up by more thoughtless congestion of houses when we need more connection with nature. Even our parks here are tiny so there is no escape for dogs or people to find a bit a peace. Good video. I hope it helps.


    1. Marlene, it’s the endless struggle between us humans needing homes and all the paraphernalia that comes with it and keeping sufficient lands left to nature for all our animals. There are just too many of us and in my darker moments I think it is too late to prevent irreparable damage to our planet. I’m glad I am 76!

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      1. Similar thoughts to yours, Paul. It’s why I only had 2 children and neither have any. If we could live more harmoniously with nature, all would be better.


      2. And my son and his partner do not have any and my married daughter and husband only have one, my grandson Morten, who is now nine. But we and they are in the minority. If, and it’s a very big ‘if’, the global population are able to bring the planet’s temperature under control we still need to stop treating nature as a resource.

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