Reflections – Day Three

Last one from me but indebted nonetheless to Wibble

My second reflection was Never underestimate the power of unintended consequences!

Here’s my third. But first a story!!

Before I met my darling Jean I was living in the small South Devon village of Harberton. In an old converted stone barn known as Upper Barn.

Upper Barn, Harberton.

Harberton was located just three miles South-West of Totnes.

Despite the population of Harberton being just 300 persons the village had its own pub The Church House Inn located appropriately alongside the church!

Church House Inn, Harberton

I didn’t stroll the 200 yards from Upper Barn to the pub on a daily basis but certainly went there once or twice a week.

One Winter’s evening I went in to the pub for a quick pre-dinner pint. David, the landlord was behind the long bar counter, again shown to you below courtesy of the internet.

Beside me there was a single, elderly man sitting on one of the bar stools supping his pint.

I was standing next to him waiting for David to serve me and must have muttered something about the weather or about the latest local news or something inane; too long ago for me to remember.

However, I do remember so clearly what this delightful man said in response to whatever it was that I muttered.

All the world’s a little queer, save you and me, and I ha’ me doubts about thee!

I roared with laughter immediately upon hearing that wonderful reflection about the world. Added, I should say, spoken by him with a rich Devon dialect. At which point this wonderful gent spoke again and it is those next words that are my final reflection.

Now’t so queer as folk!

I never met that delightful old Devonian man again so, therefore, he will have had no idea at all at how his quotation has become part of me!

Same nominations as before:

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15 thoughts on “Reflections – Day Three

    1. Intriguing thought! However Zara, it wasn’t the most practical of houses to live in. For it was an ‘upside down’ house, and a small one at that! The master bedroom, bathroom and a second bedroom were on the ground floor. The front door opened into a corridor and the bottom of a flight of stairs up to the first floor that had the main living area, kitchen area and a small third bedroom.

      The primary reason I came to South Devon after returning to England was that was where my two beloved sisters, Rhona and Corinne, were living.


  1. “All the world’s a little queer, save you and me, and I ha’ me doubts about thee!”

    I like to think that in my dotage I’ll be sitting in a pub supping my pint, and I’ll turn to anyone who accosts me and say:

    “All the world’s a little queer, save you and me, and I ha’ me doubts about ME!”


  2. Wonderful memory Paul and true, nothing as queer as Folk, is often said in this part of the world too.. and you should hear the Derbyshire accent too for the Now’t
    By the way Paul I posted your challenge Post.. You may have missed it.. Entitled Native American Wisdom Three in One.. 🙂 And thank you again for the nomination it spurred me on.. 😀


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