Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty-Three

The second set of tree photographs from here at home.

They seem to fit the theme of Life and Death! (The first set were published last Sunday !)










Hope you all enjoyed them! All of the photographs were taken with a Nikon D750 camera through a Nikkor 24-120mm lens.

28 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty-Three

    1. No question! Despite this tree being completely dead it still hurt when that chainsaw took the first bite into the magnificent base of this fir some four feet in diameter. Not that there is a picture of that fir in today’s set of photos.

  1. Trees are the ancient spirits in our world. We forget that some live for thousands of years. Recent scientific research suggests that they use fungi threads, running underground, to communicate with each other. Also, mother trees can differentiate her own seedling offspring from those of other trees. Even more astounding, is that mother trees can send some of their own nutrients to their nearby offspring, to help their growth along.

    That peaceful feeling that surrounds us on a walk through virgin forests, is more replenishing to our own spirits than any visit to a Cathedral. Trees are the spirits that really help us to connect with mother earth and our concept of ‘God.’

    Lovely photos Paul. 😊

    1. What very interesting information, Colette. Don’t suppose you have the links to that scientific research?

      Regarding your description of what it feels like to be among trees we are so fortunate to have about six acres here at home, out of a total property area of thirteen acres, that are still wild forest.

      I was speaking with Dan just the other day and we were discussing the human obsession with religion; we are both atheists. Dan still thought there was a spiritual dimension to life that was loftier than the affairs of ‘man’, something I strongly believe, and my contribution was that it was Nature.

      When I commune with the trees and feed the wild deer, just about every morning around 6am, I sense strongly that feeling of peace you describe.

      Thank you, Colette!

      1. And one more link from a TED talk on the electrical communication in plants… similar to the electrical signals in our heart (EKG signal).
        This made the audience gasp!

      2. I guess that I would concur with your atheism on a man-made religious level. But there is something that governs all life…something that is just beyond the grasp of perfect comprehension, but it is definitely there! We are the perfect representations of universal patterns; Patterns that connect us to everything. We are not separate, but patterns within the whole of existence, cooperating in the dance that we call life!😊💖

      3. I am not disagreeing; not in the slightest. Just that I want your response to settle on me for a while before replying in more details. But thank you, all the same!

      4. Okay! Now clear about my response to your profoundly deep view. That is that I don’t have the knowledge about the concept of universal patterns. Indeed, no understanding at all. But the challenge I would have with the idea of “the dance” is the implication that it isn’t the random consequence of billions of years of geological and natural evolution. That dances and patterns have, at least a requirement for an orchestra and a conductor. A recent article in Science magazine underscored the overall irrelevance of life: of all the mass and energy in the universe around 5% is in the form of stars and planets!

      5. Ah, maybe my analogous attempt of describing fractal patterning was a tad too frivolous.

        Can I refer you to this blog by ‘GeneticFractals’


        I think this might be a good read to understand what I am driving at.

        Fractal patterning governs most of life (including our own body). I say ‘most,’ because I am not sure if there are any exceptions to Fibonacci Fractals (mathematical formulae) rule.

        GeneticFractals is an engineer and mathematician. He has a keen interest in how fractals form, and has generated patterns within the computer model…. In his own words, what fractal patterning came out of that model…

        ” I would expect that 1 in 10’000 would be stunning, 1 in 100’000 would be approaching beauty and inspiration of a degree that we see in a beautiful flower. 1 in a billion would approximate life. 1 in a trillion would approximate intelligent life.”

        The patterns self generate, but there is a random nature to them. Is life an accident? Perhaps, but maybe it isn’t.

      6. Fractals! Now that resonates with me; albeit just a tiny degree. For in some dim and distant past I recall reading about fractals, probably in New Scientist magazine back in the old country.

        Anyway, I promise you that I will willingly go across to that blog site and look forward to so doing. But for now I must get the day going and be on my bike; literally and metaphorically!

    1. As it happens, Margaret, we did get to see that fabulous documentary via the BBC iPlayer when we were recently in England. It was wonderful and the link to the trailer is a great inclusion in your reply.

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