Day Trips with our Dogs

Another fabulous guest post from Zara.

As many of you will recall I published a guest post from Zara on May 29th under the title of Please, always adopt a dog first!

It had an incredible number of viewings and many, many lovely comments. All of which I fed back to Zara.

So what a thrill to have another article from Zara. Trust me, you will love it!


Nine Things to Bring on a Day Trip with Your Puppy

by Zara Lewis, June 1st, 2018

Taking a day trip is an adventure for both you and your pet. So while you are planning where to go and what to bring on the trip, you have to think about your dog’s needs as well. You can’t just grab your car keys and leash if you want to stay for a whole day. In order for your dog to be happy, safe and healthy, you need a special dog-day trip-bag where you can put everything your pet needs. Take a look at these essentials for a day trip with your dog.

1. Toys

Your dog will love to run in nature, but it can be more entertaining for them if you bring their toys on the trip. When dogs get nervous, familiar smells and chew toys can calm them down. This will help you keep your puppy busy while you’re on the go, so bring your dog’s favourite toy and let it enjoy the day.

2. Water bowl

Whether you’re going to the beach, a restaurant or on an afternoon hike, you should always have a water bowl in your bag. Maybe your dog is used to drinking water from your hometown so you will need a bottle of cold water and the bowl that the dog uses. You should consider putting the bottle in a lunch cooler if it’s too hot outside.

3. Food

Make sure that you bring food that doesn’t upset your dog’s stomach. Thus, give your pet high-quality food that is easy to prepare. With this in mind, you should bring dry puppy food on the trip because it’s easy to store, and a large plastic bin will keep the food fresh and safe from insects and rodents. Moreover, some dry foods are specially formulated and shaped to clean the teeth as the dog chews them. It’s definitely more practical than canned dog food.

4. Collar and leash

A foreign territory brings unique smells that are so hard to resist, so you should definitely bring a comfortable harness for your puppy. It’s easier to grab the dog if it tries to run far away from you and you will be sure that the dog is safe if leashed. Also, don’t forget the poop bags, as you will definitely need them!

5. Safety equipment

Yes, seat belts for pets exist! And they are very useful for two reasons – your dog won’t be running around the car, and you won’t be distracted while driving. Whether your dog rides in a crate, canine booster seat or in its harness, you will know that both you and your dog are safe and secured.

6. Seat Covers and Towels

Don’t let the dirt ruin your trip. You never know if it’s going to rain, or if your dog will jump into the river, so you will need an old towel for cleaning up. Next, you have to think about your car. Protect your seats with covers and blankets so that you can wash them if your dog brings the dirt into the car. The pup will be running all day so you can expect that to happen.

7. Your puppy’s blanket or pillow

To make sure your dog is more comfortable while at unfamiliar locations, you should consider bringing something that belongs to them. This is a way of making them feel at home but it will also protect the furniture. Your aim is to make sure that your dog stays calm and relaxed in new situations.

8. Current identification tags

In case your dog gets lost, you should always have up-to-date information on their ID tag. That way the person who finds them has all the necessary information such as your phone number, address, or information about the hotel where you’re staying.

9. Camera

Imagine how much fun your dog will have in nature! Make sure that you have these memories captured and bring a camera with you so you can share these precious moments with your friends and family.

Now you are prepared for an adventure with your dog. You can relax because you have thought of everything. Your dog will love these trips, so you can take a look at this list every time you travel with them and make sure that you’re prepared for every situation. Even the shortest day trip or weekend getaway can be memorable, so let the adventure begin.


Perhaps I might add this to Zara’s most informative post. Namely that when you are safely back from your successful dog adventure you might consider writing it up as a guest post for this place.

Travel safely!

21 thoughts on “Day Trips with our Dogs

  1. Great tips Zara. I have also taken a few dog treats too. Good enticing naughty Fido’s back to the car (like kids, they don’t always want to go home).

    Different countries have different laws, of course but may I suggest a few extra considerations.

    In Spain, large dogs, or aggressive dogs must be muzzled when in public spaces (parks, beaches, promenades).
    Spain also requires that a dog must be restrained in a car (as you have already mentioned in your post).
    There is one extra requirement in addition to the dog tags. In Spain and other EU countries , a copy of all the immunisation and licensing papers (the dog passport), must be carried with you. Police can ask for this is there is any reported incident with your dog.

    Lovely post Paul and full of great tips from Zara.


  2. Sorry everyone, a bit late on parade as it were! Colette, it’s all your fault simply because I have spent the last 90 minutes over at Hank’s place chatting with Jean about genetic fractals and better understanding non-dualism!

    Anyway, thank you everyone for your kind words. A privilege to share with you Zara’s guest post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent Advice Paul.. On our recent visit for our Day out a the RHS Flower show at Chatsworth we met a lovely couple with dog.. ( I think Chatsworth the only RHS that allows Dogs in ) so I was told my the dog owner.. He had water in flask and a carried a special back pack with all the dogs things in.. 🙂


      1. Paul I left a comment on your latest post, it vanished as I left a link. So I may be in spam. I Have been going into lots of spam boxes lately So hope you find me, As when I come to your site my comments do not register, So I tried commenting via the notification box and I got through.. would hate to be unable to comment.


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