One very lucky dog!

Don’t try this yourself!

(NB: For much of the next three days I am going to have my attention diverted elsewhere. So, apologies in advance if I am not as attentive as I try to be.)

This was seen on the BBC News website last Sunday.


Dog survives after chasing stone off 150ft cliff

A cocker spaniel has survived a 150ft (46m) fall from a cliff in Somerset.

The dog, called Indy, plunged off Hurlstone Point, near Porlock, while chasing a stone during a walk with her owners.

Minehead’s lifeboat crew was scrambled to rescue her and found her among boulders at the foot of the cliff.

A spokesman said: “She had a few scratches and bumps and was very shaken up, but it could have been much worse.” (Ed: Understatement of the year!)


A quick search brought up this item on Wikipedia:

Hurlstone point (grid referenceSS898492) is a promontory of land between Porlock Weir and Minehead in the Exmoor National Park on the coast of Somerset, England.

Hurlstone Point marks the boundary between Porlock Bay and Blue Anchor Bay in the Bristol Channel and is on the South West Coast Path.[1] There is a coastguard lookout shelter on the point.[2]

The rocks, including a large slab known as “coastguard wall” are popular with climbers.[3]

In 2007 a cyclist was rescued after falling 40 feet (12 m) down the cliff.[4]


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Plus this photograph that only underlines how very lucky was Indy.

20 thoughts on “One very lucky dog!

  1. I shit myself when we’re anywhere near cliffs or otherwise potentially dodgy areas so can’t imagine throwing rocks for a dog up somewhere like that?! Jeeeez that’s a lucky dog and even luckier owners to have got her back alive and unharmed.


      1. I’m murder for pre-empting every last thing down to the very last absurd and unlikely detail. Husband says I should advertise my services carrying out full health and safety risk assessments to dog owners but you know what? I’d rather be a little overcautious about something than sat there bawling and sobbing because my dog is missing or dead 😦 Health and safety risk assessment for dogs.. come see me 😉


  2. I can see how easily it can happen, especially on an unfamiliar walk. My husband once rescued a little Jack Russell from a steep sides wharf. His elderly owners were shuffling along next to the water which was covered with green duckweed (making the still water look like solid ground). A coke can had rolled off the wharf and (being lightweight) didn’t sink. The little dog took an exuberant leap after it….disappearing under the green immediately. He was only two foot down when he resurfaced, but had no foothold. The elderly man was trying to fish him out with the bent crook of his wooden cane (panicking the fog even further). After a few minutes, my husband intervened, and got down on his belly lowering himself over the edge and scooped his hand down under the tiring animal. Poor little guy. Should have been on a lead.


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