Dear Dhalia

Now we are eight!

Dhalia was clearly close to death when Jean and I took her to our vet, Dr. Codd, earlier this morning.

Indeed, she was probably dead when Dr. Codd administered the euthanasia injection. It was 8:45 am.

While there is more I want to write about Dhalia, you’ll appreciate it if that is left for tomorrow’s post and I close this with a couple of photographs.




Dhalia grave2


For those that can’t read the plaque it says, “Heaven. All the dogs that ever loved you will be waiting at the gate.

Dhalia has taken her last walk!

15 thoughts on “Dear Dhalia

  1. I am so sorry – as yo know this breaks my heart – I read the post about your cat and i could not respond, for reasons i really cannot explain. I am sure your beautiful Dahlia is lighting up the heavens above – i send my love to you and your wife and your loving 4 legged family members. xx


  2. I very well know the feeling,Paul 😦 Now,she is going to meet George and play together … Such a stressful moment for you and Jean and the rest of the dog family ; I am sure they can sense the loss and your bitter feelings and you know that better than anybody else.Don’t you ?
    Take care my friends. ((( hugs ))), Doda xxx


  3. To all of you, as I wrote previously, my thanks seem so inadequate. But you all must know that when I read your comments to Jean her reaction is proof, if proof were needed, that your feelings, your care, are most precious to her. And to me.


  4. Paul, I am so, so sorry about your loss. You have written such touching tributes to Dhalia. I take comfort knowing that there are folks like you and Jean who open your hearts and homes to animals in need.

    Thank you for being another person talking about the vitality, complexity and kindness of dogs and other animals. What I would not give for a world that can see what you see and express. And what a fitting tribute your entire blog is to Dhalia, not just the entries you have recently written in her honor and memory.


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