There’s big, and then there’s really big!

There’s something about big dogs!

I’m not saying that I have a preference for big dogs just that there’s a difference in my mind as to how larger dogs interact with one.

Jean and Brandy at our local yard sale last weekend. (June 29th, 2016)

All of which elegantly leads into an item that was presented on Mother Nature News the other day and is shared with you all today.


Removed because of copyright infringement.


Here’s another wonderful photograph to close off today’s post.

Aren’t our dogs such wonderful, special friends!

28 thoughts on “There’s big, and then there’s really big!

  1. Such a happy ending.. So loved this share Paul.. so good to see a happy story about PitBull and we humans are so quick to tar every dog with the same brush.. So I am really pleased Leo settled in well and is happy.. 🙂


  2. Katie is obviously one of life’s angels – such a kind and compassionate person. Much like Jean and you Paul with your adoption of loveable big boy Brandy and all the other dogs and cats.


  3. So happy this big lovable hunk found someone to take care of him following the passing of his owner. He’s as adorable as can be. And blessings to the UPS driver for rescuing him! #lovePitBulls


  4. What a soul this woman has. I love pitties, we both do. They are much misunderstood and fabulous companions. May she be blessed for taking this lovely canine into her heart. Aloha.


  5. So fortunate for the pit and the lady that offered to take him. Those two already had a formed a bond of sorts . Such a great story. I like reading this very much and the pics are wonderful.


  6. What a great story for the end of my day. My niece has 2 rescued pits and a friend had one that stayed at my son’s for awhile. They are THE BEST dogs. It’s not the dog that is the problem. Your Brandy looks like a love too.


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