Visiting the Vet – Updates

How this theme is taking shape!

But first, let me offer an update and a correction.

In my first report, published on June 28th, the very first patient for Dr. Jim was Ginger.Here’s an extract from that report:

It was immediately clear to Jim when he listened to Ginger’s heart that it was racing; Jim thought at something like 200 beats per minute. Jim continued to check Ginger over although, as he told me later, he had an idea that Ginger’s medical problem was a cardiac issue. Jim arranged for Ginger to be given an X-ray as well as blood work.

A number of you wanted me to check on Ginger’s status. Jim said that in a follow-up call made by the clinic they were told that Ginger was doing well.

The second item is a correction. In the report that described Lynn bringing in a stray kitten that had terrible puss oozing from one eye, I wrote: “Moments later Jim has not only cleaned out all the puss but found and removed the cause of the infection that was behind the kitten’s eyeball.”

When I queried with Jim what was the cause of the infection, he said that there was nothing physical behind the eye but that the kitten had contracted a severe eye infection probably a viral infection. The kitten was also doing well.

So last Thursday, the 13th July, I returned to Lincoln Road, arriving at 09:45. My plan was to spend the morning with Jim and then the afternoon with Dr. Russel  Codd the owner of the clinic.

It was another wonderfully interesting day and I have sufficient material for the next two to three weeks.

This is Cooper, a male Jack Russell, being checked out by Dr. Russ.

Dr. Russ started the afternoon at 14:30 so there was a bit of a wait after Jim had finished his morning at 12:05. That prompted me to see if future sessions watching Dr. Russ at work could be morning ones.

In other words, I would go across to Lincoln Road on two mornings a month; one to spend with Dr. Jim and one with Dr. Russ. I have yet to speak to Russ about that but can’t envisage an issue.

What Russel Codd did say to me that afternoon was that he really supported this theme and that he might arrange for me to ‘shadow’ one or two specialists who work locally in Grants Pass.  Plus, I did venture the idea that maybe there was book potential and Russ was very happy with that possible development as well.

So Sue, there’s the answer to you writing last week: “Lots of information here perhaps for a second book?” Great suggestion! (Indeed, good people, I am giving the idea of turning this series into a book very careful thought and will ask for feedback from you in a subsequent post once I am clearer about the purpose and objectives of such a book.)

So the first of my reports from my visit on the 13th will be published either later this week or early next week.

Thank you, everyone, for your interest, suggestions and support. You really are a great group of readers!

12 thoughts on “Visiting the Vet – Updates

  1. That’s great news, Paul! A possible 2nd book as well as blog material for several weeks. Thanks for the updates. Good to hear the patients are all doing well!


  2. A sort of updated ‘James Herriot,’ eh? Book sounds a great idea and if it incorporates humor, it should be a best seller. I am not belittling the important work of vets, but I am sure there are lots of situations where humorous situations unfold. Just a thought.

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    1. Strange you should mention Mr. Herriot for Jean gave me one of his books to read a a few days ago. You are quite correct in saying that there are many humorous incidents. Dr. Jim has spoken of some already. Thank you so much for your feedback.

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  3. Great ideas here. Speaking of the cardiac issue, I have in draft a post about heart disease in dogs. I have two dogs currently on anti-hypertensive meds that also aide the heart, Most all heart meds that are given to pets are also human meds. Cats and dogs get the same diseases as people and the prominent ones are cancer, heart disease and, renal failure.


    1. Oh, would love to republish that post when it comes out. Even better if it was a guest post from you. But turning to the similarities between dogs and humans, as in our biology, that was one of the first aspects of what Jim mentioned that first day I spent with him.

      Yvonne, I have just left a message over at your place in terms of this book project.

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