When tensions rise.

For both humans and, in consequence, for those dogs close to us.

Effectively, the whole of the New Year has been a tad challenging here in Merlin, OR. For even before the snows arrived early on in January, leading to power outages and frozen pipes, the local weather service was warning of unusually severe storms. Indeed, more than once we have heard locals speaking of this looking like a one-hundred-year-storm.

So it was inevitable that there were some anxious periods. Plus the challenging weather may not be not fully behind us. For this is the current (Sunday 18:00 PST) weather warning:

134 PM PST SUN JAN 15 2017

…Flood Potential Outlook for main stem river flooding, snow melt flooding, and quick rises on rivers and streams in the following counties…in California…Siskiyou…and in Oregon…Coos… Curry…Douglas…Jackson…Josephine…

A strong atmospheric river event is expected to arrive in Southern Oregon and Northern California by Wednesday. While models have trended towards a faster progression of the front, and therefore lesser rainfall amounts, this event may still produce high snow levels, periods of heavy rain, and significant melting of lower level snow-pack Wednesday and into Thursday. With the extensive snow-pack, saturated soils and high river levels, there is a potential for flooding and rapid rises along main stem rivers and small creeks and streams. Urban areas may also experience high water from blocked culverts and runoff.

Continue to monitor forecasts for any updates as this potentially hazardous situation develops.

Anyone who has a dog (or several) in their lives will know how our anxiety is so quickly picked up by our dogs. Ergo, looking after our dogs, as in keeping them relaxed, is really important.

Now read this article that was published over on the Care2 site. I am republishing here for all you good people.


Eight Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

1279022-largeA Care2 favorite by Becky Striepe    About Becky

16 thoughts on “When tensions rise.

  1. Even though I don’t own a dog now, we had one in the family when I was a kid so I can see how helpful this post is. I had no idea dogs can get that traumatized on account of the way they’re treated – felt really bad for Jenna. Sending her love.


    1. Firstly, a big welcome to you.

      Then, yes, dogs are routinely deeply affected by cruelty and a lack of love and attention, especially when they are puppies. Just like humans in many ways.

      But there’s a core difference between us and dogs. That is that dogs forgive, and frequently totally forget, that cruelty and offer humans unconditional love to a degree that most humans would find impossible.

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  2. We used to give our dogs a natural ingredient chewable pill for when they felt anxious. It worked wonders. Also the calm hand approach works wonders. Stay safe & dry, Paul!


  3. Anxious riddled dogs need patience, lots of it. Owning a rescued puppy mill survivor, everything must be taken in slow drawn out steps. Nothing too rushed and lo and behold, one day, she starts to blossom. We still have a long way to go, but I can attest that patience has been our best friend. P.S. CBD oil is also a splendid remedy for anxiousness as well as for epilepsy and arthritis. Just saying for when those Thundershirts fail to work. 😉


  4. Great article. I don’t ever purchase anything with xylitol. It is dangerous stuff. Please be wary of potential flooding. Sounds as if you and Jean must watch the weather daily if not hourly. Love the pic of Jean with Brandy. Beautiful.


    1. Yvonne, regarding the local weather thankfully our property has very little flat ground and the risk of flooding is practically zero. What we do have to do is keep an eye on conditions that might bring down a tree. The stables are especially vulnerable.

      Yes, isn’t that photo of Jean and Brandy beautiful.

      As always, love your visits to this place.

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