Winter woes!

More heavy snow brought down electricity power lines resulting in us losing power around 8pm on Monday evening.

The power was restored a little before midnight. In other words just over 5 hours ago.

Be back up to speed later on today, assuming there are no further outages.

Footnote at 06:20.

Our internet connection is very slow and I am not confident it will stay up.

17 thoughts on “Winter woes!

    1. Thanks Susan,

      We managed to get out of our driveway this morning albeit it took me 30 minutes of shoveling ice and snow just where our driveway comes up to Hugo Road. All part of life’s rich experiences. At least we have some more dry firewood for our living-room stove!

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  1. Yes, well. Lived in the Maine woods, 900′ on secondary (unmaintained) power lines. This was a regular occurrence. Hope yours doesn’t last for long – one does come to depend on such things as the ‘net 😉 Aloha, and stay warm!


      1. Yes, we had one. Noisy it was – can’t remember specs, and doubtless in the dozen intervening years (and more, as it wasn’t new when we left Maine) improvements have been made. But it was big enough to run the whole house, not just an appliance or two and lights. Chris hand dug a hole (hire a backhoe!) and buried it to muffle the noise, which was great. Access door and trench w/conduit and we were hooked up. It might be worthwhile if this happens, too, because it might become increasingly frequent in the coming times.


      2. Thank you for coming back to me.

        The type that has been recommended, and is used by a few around us, is a propane gas powered generator. There’s a local company that specialise in this area and we are on their list for a visit. (Apparently they are rather backed up just now!!)

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    1. Thank you, Sue. In fact the recent conditions have enabled us to think of some worthwhile improvements around the place; such as s standby generating set. As they say; “It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow any good!”

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      1. Great idea Paul.. We have a portable small generator in the garage.. Thankfully it never had to be used.. But as we freeze lots of our fruit and veggies to last us over the winter from the allotments.. If we did get a long power outage, like we did some years back due to snow on the lines, I don;t want to lose the food stored in the garage chest freezers.. So it is a wise move, especially given your winters.. 🙂


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