24 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Seventy-Nine

      1. No, not yet. Still plenty of snow and ice on the ground and it was -2 deg. C. overnight.

        But there is a warning out for heavy rain commencing Tuesday evening. Rain that is affecting a very wide area.

        Dan Gomez called me yesterday while out walking in the desert near Palm Springs, CA. It was raining there and had been for six hours! He was blown away at how rapidly green shoots were starting to appear.

  1. Yes, they put a smile on my face too. Would love to know the story behind the lady sleeping with the baby hippos….

    1. Always my very great pleasure. I would have stopped writing this blog many years ago without the friendship of all of you readers and followers. It’s very important to me.

  2. The hippos get my vote. That is about the cutest thing I’ve seen in a loooong time. One commenter wrote that she would love to know the story of the baby hippos asleep with the young woman. I’d like to know, as well. Amazing stuff in some of your pics.

      1. Great, but I have my doubts how you will ever find out the background of the photo. Perhaps you will be lucky. Have you gone to You Tube. I might do that as well.

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