Keep peanut butter away from your dogs!

Because it could kill your beloved companion.

Fellow author Judi Holdeman sent me an email that contained a warning that had been in a recent health newsletter from Jeff Reagan. Here’s the essence of that warning (and my emphasis in parts):

If your dog is anything like my dog, they probably love a good scoop of peanut butter.

As I’m writing this, my pup Ellie is actually snuggled up next to my leg and going to town on her peanut butter filled Kong.  She’s in heaven…

But I want to warn you about a NEW problem with dogs and peanut butter.

There’s been a number of reports lately of dogs who are winding up dead because of their beloved peanut butter.

How is this happening?

It has to do with a new ingredient being used in certain peanut butters.

That ingredient is xylitol.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that you’ll recognize from things like gum and candy.

And while it’s generally “safe” for humans to eat, it can be deadly for dogs.  Just a small amount of it can cause severe liver damage and can even kill your dog.

From my research, I’ve found 5 brands of peanut butter that have recently added xylitol to their ingredients. I’m listing these brands below…

– Go Nuts Co

– Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Butter

– Krush Nutrition

– Nuts N More

– P28

Now luckily most of these are NOT the most popular brands.

These brands are usually sold at specialty shops or health food stores.

But I still wanted to alert you to this…

Because if your dog is anything like mine, they probably love peanut butter.

So make sure you’re staying away from the brands I listed above.

And double-check the label on your peanut butter to make sure it doesn’t have xylitol in it.

Feel free to forward this email on to your friends or family that have dogs so they are aware of this…

– Jeff Reagan. Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

Please, good people, do share this as far and wide as possible.

21 thoughts on “Keep peanut butter away from your dogs!

  1. Well, this is a case of the canary in the coal mine, is it not? Humans might stop eating these ‘food additions’ as well, which might promote better health among their species also. I have never eaten peanut butter with anything but peanuts and salt. Gosh.


      1. Communicating with animals all my life, I get the sense they’re more than just our companions. They will endure quite a bit of pain in what seems to be their reluctance to leave our side, when it comes their time to die. I’m sure everyone has their own thoughts and senses about this – not trying to tell anyone how to feel (or god forbid, what to eat). My own perceptions and observations bring me to understand things a certain way – which is always open to change. In sharing, and wishing you Aloha, Paul.


      2. In reality the connection between animals and humans is varied beyond imagination. Think of the range of human attitudes and behaviors multiplied by the range and diversity of animals; wild and domesticated.

        Yet every person has the echo of a world thousands of years ago when the romantic inside me likes to believe that humans and animals were intricately tangled together.


  2. You can always make your own peanut butter, it takes about 10 minutes and only 3 ingredients. Better for both 2 legged and 4 legged consumers.


    1. Thanks Glen, and a very warm welcome to this place. Feel free to drop me a line with your recipe and I’ll make it a guest post. Even better if you could include a picture of a dog!


  3. Great advice! I try to keep my food as clean and whole as possible. I remember reading Xylitol isn’t that bad for us humans. Still, it isn’t a nutritious aspect of our diet. — I get the Jef Natural for the price and the simple ingredients: Peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt and molasses. =)


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