Two very different expressions of hope and sense about the present era of change.

First off, up until yesterday morning at 6am, I had completely different ideas for today’s post.  But sitting up in bed yesterday morning reading my emails, I saw there was an email from Jon Lavin that included a link to this: Hope for the New Year: some thoughts on emergence, evolution, freedom, love and choice, by Bronwen Rees. Dr. Rees describes herself, as:

Bronwen is a UKCP-accredited psychotherapist with nine years experience and a practice in Cambridge, Suffolk and Hungary. She is trained in the Karuna Institute in Devon in core process psychotherapy, which was the first mindfulness-based therapy in the UK. She adds to this her unique understanding of western and eastern spiritual traditions, combined with findings in new science – to find ways of helping individuals align with their true destiny. She runs retreats and workshops and group work at different times of the year.

I was vaguely aware of the name. Perhaps unsurprisingly as I was familiar with the work of the Karuna Institute at their beautiful location at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor, Devon, some eighteen miles from where I used to live in Harberton, Devon.


Anyway, back to the theme of today’s post. Back to Jon Lavin’s email with the link. This is how that essay from Dr. Rees opened:

by Bronwen Rees on January 1, 2015

In the face of the on-going and now undeniable social, economic, environmental and political crises, there are plenty of seeds of ‘emergence’ that point to a new way forward. These are flowering in the area of sustainability, spirituality, and the reworking of ancient systems of wisdom. They point to a new way of being and relating where, it is implied, one can manifest at will one’s desires.

Whilst there is a distinct truth in much of this, and many examples where this can obviously work (vis the outpouring of new technological companies providing ever more zany products), they are very early developments fostering to individual satisfaction rather than being consciously channeled into the benefits of the collective. The scale of change in terms of consciousness has largely not yet been realized. One of the main reasons for this is the as yet imbalance in the relationship between the collective and the individual, and the lack of a conscious ethical foundation.

I sort of understood the central message but the words were getting in the way.  Take this later paragraph, for instance:

Humanity is at a bifurcation point – a point of irreversible change – where conscious choice determines the future that is created. Neo-Darwinian theorists would argue that this is merely a point of survival, and given the current scientific data about the material conditions – peak oil, energy, economic chaos, severe mental health issues, the conditions would suggest that we are as a species heading for disaster. Balanced between over-population and yet greater and greater individualization with more and more apparent choice – how can the two perspectives be reconciled on this seemingly increasingly small planet?

Indeed, my email reply to Jon, having struggled through the full essay said: “Good day to you, Jon, Yes, what a fascinating essay albeit written in a manner that makes it a very tough read! Nevertheless, I have no doubt that the good Dr. is spot on in her analysis.

The very next item opened in my email inbox was notification of a new post from Sue Dreamwalker: My Dream ∼ Translated I just had to share. Let me, in turn, share Sue’s post with you; with her kind permission, I should add.


My Dream ∼ Translated I just had to share

Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

On Jan 3rd I had a Dream.. Please click on the music video below so you can get a sense of some of my experience.. .. Sunday I tried to capture some of the images I had in the dream… So I painted.. But I saw Oh so so much more………

In the beginning of the dream.. She was Me.. As I began to sing.. but then I became the observer.. This has to be the best Dream experience ever… .. So I had to share.. I heard the Music… Music like I have never heard upon this earth… the video music is about as close as I can get to that feeling of being exalted to a higher place.. I am still so excited I cannot tell you the Love I felt within this experience.. If this is the beginning of 2015.. Whoooooh… Let it roll……..

My Dream..

“She stood in a gown that was a rich golden brown. Its fabric shimmered catching the light that reflected from the crystals of natural quartz that sprang up around her. The gown was long and flowing not only did it reach the floor, but it spiralled out around her in a never ending dance as it became one with the sphere of the Earth.

Sue’s painting.


She took a deep breath; here she stood in the centre of the globe called Gaia.

Her hair was so long the wind picked it up to billow out behind her in long tresses. Birds flew in and amongst her strands of hair, Insects and butterflies danced within making it their home.

With breath still poised, she raised her arms like a conductor of an orchestra. She expanded her lungs and she began to Sing…. Her Soprano voice was pure. The moment her voice vibration raised higher the spiral of her gown buried deeper into the Earth. The Grass became part of her gown. Trees sprang forth from the folds of it swaying to her melody of love; Flowers opened their blooms, each petal giving separate notes in a wonderful exotic dance of harmonic ripples.. Love notes rippled like the keys of the piano. The buds on the trees open their leaves their notes sounded deeper like a million cello’s. Birds sang their flute like songs and the butterflies wings danced lighter than bell chimes.

Water trickled into streams, clear and sparking like the strings of the violin.. They swelled in a crescendo in waves that beat the rocks crashing in like kettle drums smashing like symbols into glistening spray..

The Whales joined in her song a mournful lament, while deep in the jungle the elephants gave a low rumble to acknowledge they had heard.. The roar of the Big Cats were heard above the cries of the orangutan’s

As the Thunderous machines of man cut swaths leaving deep scars that screeched like vultures circling over head, to give way to silence………. as they circled over the corpses of everything left dying in its wake..

She paused……………. ready to continue…….. Her arms raised high above her head, she Sang.. her voice becoming a crescendo with the Earth, her breath became the Spiral.. Her Hair became the Wind.. The notes she sang sprang forth from her mouth forming hearts and stars.. Every living creature now joined in her song…

She knew her Song of love was being joined by so many more.. She was ONE with ALL.. She was part of our Earth Mother..”


I hope you enjoyed reading about this Dream and I hope you enjoyed listening to the wonderful music of the PianoGuys

See you all very soon…



In a very strange way, I read the same messages from Dr. Rees and from Sue but presented in such opposite ways: one way so complex and one way to clear. So strongly reinforced by their respective closing words. Here’s Dr. Rees:

Whilst there is real potential for the expansion of consciousness, this does not by any means suggest that this will arise without individual effort and struggle. All the enlightened masters of the past needed to move through this gateway – the difference between then and now is that the conditions are far riper for more individuals to undergo this – and indeed can be seen as a biological necessity for the survival of the human species. Thus as individuals, we cannot avoid this, but what we can do, and indeed as a biological and spiritual imperative, we can support one another and help organize ourselves in dedication of this purpose, in a mutual recognition of each individual uniqueness yet shared destiny.

Here are Sue’s closing words: “She knew her Song of love was being joined by so many more.. She was ONE with ALL.. She was part of our Earth Mother..

However, there is one uniting theme I read from both of them: Hope!

17 thoughts on “Synchronicity!

  1. There is a rising hope in the darkness, but I think like a seed that will only germinate when the cold biting frosts of winter first bite. There will be a lot of pain before positive outcomes can manifest.


  2. Such and interesting combination Paul.. And I loved reading what Dr Rees had to say. I have yet to visit Jon’s post in full..
    Living within the Consciousness is so simple when you know you are part of all..

    Most have just forgotten that they are not part of the whole.. And have separated themselves by thinking themselves separate from Nature… We have removed our connection by connecting to ‘Things’ thinking this is the value of life. And that the More ‘Things’ we can obtain, the more wealth in form of possessions and goods the Happier we will be.. How misguided we are… And how far from the Spiritual Path have we strayed as we have forgotten our very connectedness with each other..

    It is not until we are faced within the Storm of Nature we see how insignificant we are .. We are also facing so many storms within our Humanity, as what we give out within our energy is being reflected back to us..
    I watched last evening a full documentary upon the Tsunami Earthquake of Japan. of 2011.. And the power it had to sweep all away.. We forget how dependant we are upon our Earth Mother to provide us with our home.. our very breath.. and food and water.

    When I think how many times our Earth Mother has gone through countless Natural disasters, when continents split apart forcing mountain ranges.. Ice Ages.. Major Floods.. Warming, Cooling… She is always going to survive..

    We as humans seem to think we can control her, and yet we are but one note, within .. How much better does an instrument sound when it is played in Tune?.. and How better still when played in harmony within an orchestra..

    She is rapping her baton upon the pedestal. Bringing us to attention.. As we hear the instruments warm up… When we hear a real orchestra warm up.. it sounds out of tune.. a mix-mash of sound… not pleasant at all..

    This is what the people of the earth are like at the moment.. We are all of us doing our own separate thing Not listening to each other.. we are out of tune with each other.. But mostly We are out of Tune with our Earth.. We are not living in Harmony with Nature.. We are destroying her ..

    We can all pull together.. I know we can.. but often it takes a disaster before we realise we need each other to survive…

    I hope Humanity wakes up to itself Paul real soon… I was shown how beautiful it is once we are all in harmony…
    Earth has ALL the Time in the World.. She’s been there many times before and recovered..
    What we need to be asking ourselves.. Does she still want to carry Mankind?… when he has forgotten half his namesake in Kindness..

    We have a choice… and we had better make those choices sooner rather than later.. Or our Earth Mother will make them for us..

    Blessings Paul..


    1. Sue, I have now read your words carefully and, frankly, I’m sitting here practically overcome with emotion and feelings (albeit, still able to type! 😉 ). “Earth has ALL the Time in the World.. ” It is incomprehensible for us humans to sense how old this planet is. It’s pretty darn difficult to imagine early man coming out of Africa, with our dear dogs, some 30,000 years ago.

      “What we need to be asking ourselves.. Does she still want to carry Mankind?… when he has forgotten half his namesake in Kindness..

      We have a choice… and we had better make those choices sooner rather than later.. Or our Earth Mother will make them for us..”

      Too right, Sue.

      At times, more and more often these days, I find myself wanting to live for another ten years (I’m 70). Not for the obvious reasons, but because to be alive when Humanity or Earth Mother makes those choices would be to be alive in one of the most incredibly interesting times. Implicit in that last sentence is the feeling that, at most, ten years is more than sufficient time to know the truth of our future.

      Sue, thank you so, so much for your thoughts.


      1. Paul I am sure you have many more fulfilling years ahead of you. My Hubby is only 2 yrs behind you this year.. 🙂
        It matters not if we are here for the Grand finale.. But we are ALL of us part of the Production.. And each of us are now taking our places as we Remember Who we are. and to What we are connected to..

        I had a comment upon my blog on my latest post from Lois..

        She said ” I was watching a video not long ago about an Indian tribe from Columbia that normally want to stay separate from the outside world but have come out to teach us that mother earth is hurting and how we need to change our ways. They talked about the energy lines of the earth and had a deep understanding of our place in the universe. The intelligence they have for the earth and the solar systems is astounding when you realize these people have no written language and have not been touched by the outside world before this.”

        These Natives have never Lost their Connectedness with Nature and Earth.. We have forgotten so much..
        Many thanks again. And its so nice to see so many responses here Paul..
        Bless you


      2. Thank you, Sue. Yes, Lois over at your place, says it how it is!

        Regarding the number of ‘Likes’ and Responses, to be honest I have been blown away, to use the vernacular term, by the interest in today’s post.

        At so many levels, we are all interconnected!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes we are very connected. most just do not see it.. But it is wonderful that so many now are realising we are connected and that our Actions have consequences..

        So its good to see Love and Compassion blossoming to send out ripples into the World.. We so need to bring it back into balance..

        Have a great week Paul..


  3. The heart and the head use different modes of language it seems. To balance the two is quite a challenge, as we tend to inhabit one or the other realm at any given moment. Writing, as you know very well Paul, involves a capacity to switch in and out of subjective and objective perspectives, and in the process getting the two to run along together as one. We need to express our thoughts clearly and true to our intent, whilst accommodating their capacity to be apprehended. I think that is why it is considered an art form.


    1. Hariod, what an interesting reply, one that I hadn’t considered in those terms. Must admit, that the more I write, the more I want to write! Blame that on NaNoWriMo!


  4. So fascinating Paul to see the 2 perspectives!
    Have you encountered SAND yet. Their symbol is ॐ=mc~ (om equals mc squared) Their mission is to bring together science and nonduality.
    There is an evolutionary movement taking place that is being explored and supported by science. I believe that this is how change can really happen.
    Mother Earth, as Sue says has seen more than we can ever know and will survive. We are so insignificant and must learn to work with nature and not against.
    Thank you for the mind opening post Paul!


    1. Val, I had not, until reading your reply, previously heard of SAND. Without doubt, I will follow that up and, quite probably, natter on about SAND in this place. Thank you.


  5. I awoke this morning realising that it would be courteous to advise Dr. Rees of today’s post so she has the opportunity to respond, should she wish to.


    1. Hello Paul and other commentators, especially sue.
      I have just read this post, as the comments on my blog have not been coming through.

      Thank you for the interest, and fascinating juxtaposition of different approaches, to what is the same crisis.
      We surely need as many different pathways and different languages to imagining and thereby creating a different future as possible. One of the aims of my work has been to use scientific concepts to help open up awareness of a deeper reality – and has necessitated a translation from experience, to the language of science, and back to the deep mysteries of our existence. We could say from the mystic, to the scientist, and back or forward to the experience ( as time and space embrace one another in this process). A spiralling loop of language, connection, imagination – ultimately both heart and mind in unison – from the outer reaches of the universe to the exquisite intimacy of the personal.

      So sorry not to get to this earlier – thank you for posting it, and for all those who have engaged in it



      1. Many thanks Paul and thank you Bronwen for acknowledging my post within Paul’s Blog Post.. I loved what you had got to say.. as you described the process as ” A spiralling loop of language, connection, imagination – ultimately both heart and mind in unison – from the outer reaches of the universe to the exquisite intimacy of the personal” How very well put..
        Thank you x


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