Questions without answers.

Why is truth so often the first casualty?

As is the way of things, my post yesterday, The growth of empathy, unwittingly set the scene for today’s post.  Here’s why!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned Fukushima and the power of blogging in connecting so many all across the world.  Maurice Barry, who writes his own blog, left a comment:

Regarding Fukashima I’m still left wondering whether the real problem is the lack of social conscience in the top level leaders or the apathy of ordinary people like you and I who let them carry out their plans.

To which I replied, “Maybe just the power of 20:20 hindsight?”

So to today’s post.

One of the items in yesterday’s Naked Capitalism Links was the headline: Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado? That caught my eye and in a moment I had gone across to the blogsite: Bluedaze Drilling Reform.

This is what I read:

Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado?



See update below before trying to post a comment.

I will update this post as residents send me pictures and video.

We need the national news stations to go cover the environmental disaster that’s happening in Colorado right now.

This picture taken by a resident is from yesterday.

From an email.

I see you’ve noticed the underwater wells in Weld County, Colorado. Amazing; we’ve emailed the Denver TV stations, other media, and state and local politicians. We’ve sent pictures that our members have taken. It’s like the media and politicians have been TOLD not to say anything about it. There has been no mention of the gas wells on the Denver newscasts either last night or this evening although all stations have had extensive and extended flood coverage. You can see underwater wells in the background of some of the newscast videos, and yet the reporters say absolutely nothing.

Here’s a picture one of our members took yesterday in Weld County, Colorado. We’ve got tons more on our website. Check it out. The tanks are tipping and, in some cases, have fallen over. They have to be leaking toxins into the flood waters. There have to be hundreds if not thousands of underwater well pads in Weld County as a result of the flooding.

Please publicize this in Texas since our media people and politicians have gone silent!

East Boulder County United

Lafayette, Colorado

Post from yesterday shows leaking tank floating down the river.


The reason I called today’s post ‘Questions without answers’ was because there are so many complex issues today.  So many issues that cannot be understood in simple ‘question and answer’ ways.  But one hope of finding answers to the complex questions of these times is through the sharing, caring ways of communicating that so many can access.  No more passionately demonstrated than by TXSharon in her About section of her blog.

Finally, I shall leave you with another great dog picture from Chris Snuggs.  So beautifully appropriate to the complex world we live in.


But what does it all MEAN?

9 thoughts on “Questions without answers.

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂
    In the end, what I always find is that people will re-write the story to suit the narrative they want at the time. That’s why it’s so important for people to write down and certify the facts as they happen as, as has been frequently related, truth will be the first victim.
    In that vein, one thing I do like is when newspapers and such make a converted effort to relate both sides of divisive issue. For example, just last week I do recall “The National Post” printing two opposite viewpoints on what would, at the time, comprise a just response to the situation in Syria as it existed at the time.
    Here they are:
    We need more of that…


    1. Maurice, fabulous comment. Sometimes I ponder whether writing a daily post is smart. On the basis that if I spent more time looking for both sides of an issue, I would avoid the sort of criticism that Patrice rightly gave me yesterday.


  2. Patrice is very ferocious, and begs forgiveness. The problem with writing too deep is that it cannot be done as frequently (but polls show popularity is proportional to frequency!). Be it only because it scrambles one’s brain. Moreover, if one is deep, because of scrambling of brains, one tends to become unpopular. (I got noticeable cancellations because of my position on Assad, as I expected; but I had that position for more than 2 years, and I am happy that Obama rallied it!)

    Something about the Colorado floods: this is fully a consequences of the greenhouse effect (warmer air carries more moisture). On the positive side, the Yosemite Rim fire got stopped by a spectacular monsoon, 2 weeks ago….

    Along the lines Mr. Barry is talking about, the method of presenting drastically opposed points of view was inaugurated by the great philosopher Abelard circa 1100 CE with the famous book:”Sic et Non”. He applied that to the Christian superstition (making lots of deadly enemies in the process!)

    In Sic et Non, Abelard presents 158 questions that present a theological assertion and allows its negation.

    The first five questions are:

    1.Must human faith be completed by reason, or not?
    2.Does faith deal only with unseen things, or not?
    3.Is there any knowledge of things unseen, or not?
    4.May one believe only in God alone, or not?
    5.Is God a single unitary being, or not?


    1. Not going to permit you to beg forgiveness. Because, it strikes me that genuine ferocity, ergo not acted out, can only come from honesty. Forgive me for being predictable; the honest ferocity of a dog! 😉

      Your honest views backed by an admirable (enviable? 😉 ) knowledge of the humanities are valuable. Because, as the saying goes: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king!


  3. Comment left at the request of Chris:

    Saw the pic of the dog at sunset. It is a great photo, but I couldn’t find how to comment. What needs saying is that I didn’t take it! I wouldn’t like to take unmerited credit. Maybe you can refer to it as being FOUND by Chris Snuggs????


  4. Wonderful post, Paul, and very thoughtful. I like what Maurice has to say above. You know, even as I reread the journal I wrote at the time things happened, I am surprised to recall certain events. So to capture things at the time, is the only way to preserve the truth of the time.

    Beautiful photo.


    1. Tell me about it! My own short-term memory is declining with age and this blog does act as a useful notebook! Described by the doctor as Cognitive Ageing! Now why can’t I forget that term!


  5. Why is Truth the first casualty?? Depends upon who or what is being covered up? and WHY!…
    I think we are All not without our Questions, the answers however all depend upon what we really want to know! And that for some Questions the Truth will always be the first casualty. 😦 ….

    So sorry to read and see the devastation here as in many parts around our globe these last few years as the sky cries!……….

    Great post
    Sue xox


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