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Is this dog guilty of thieving?

I don’t think so but you be the judge.

So many delightful stories about dogs. In this particular one we humans are trying to vote with our human heads about the antics of a dog. I am certain that dogs do not understand theft. That’s just my instinct for I have no expertise in the matter.


Guilty Dog Lands A Spot On Convenience Store’s ‘Wall Of Shame’

He’s infamous 😂

By Stephen Messenger

Published on the 23rd August, 2021

The owners of this convenience store in Denver are tired of shoplifters, and they’re not afraid to show it. So they have a prominently displayed “wall of shame” — a collection of photos of past offenders caught on the store’s security cameras.

But one them is not like the others.

Among the photos on the wall is that of a dog — his fluffy pup face staring back in adorable infamy.

His offense?

“Beef Jerky Thief,” a faded caption below the photo reads.

Despite that, however, he’s nevertheless described as a “good boy.”

To learn more about the incident that landed the dog on the wall of shame, The Dodo reached out to Jakub Niedzwiecki, a frequent visitor to the convenient store. He spoke with the owners about what happened.

“The furry boy actually belongs to a regular customer,” Niedzwiecki told The Dodo. “The dog has such an affinity for the jerky aisle that it couldn’t help but bite on a loose Slim Jim and (nearly) walk out of the store with it.”

On that occasion, the dog was stopped before making off with his steal. Still, he was added to the wall of shame as a joke.

But the joke’s on them: The dog is shameless. He’s allowed inside with his owner, who’s now friends with the storekeepers, but the pup still seems to be on the lookout for the chance to rob again.

“What bonded them all together was the jerky incident,” Niedzwiecki said. “[The store owners] told me that every time the dog is there, his nose just leads him to the same aisle every time.”


“… the dog was stopped before making off with his steal.”

That’s not a steal!

The storekeepers must stop looking at the dog through human eyes.

Treasure this dog!

The world of service dogs.

There was a post on The Dodo the last day of March. It was about a service dog that went the extra mile, so to speak.

The dog’s name is Wynn and she is one special dog. I mean special within the fine dogs that make up service dogs in general.

Have a read! It was taken from here.


Service Dog Comforts The Hospital Workers Who Need Her The Most

Photo Credit: Susan Ryan

Wynn is only a year old, but when she’s old enough, she’ll be trained by Canine Companions for Independence to be an assistance dog for someone with a disability. Until then, she’s being trained and socialized by her puppy handler Susan Ryan — but she still has a very important job to do.

From the moment Ryan met Wynn, she knew she was a special dog. She’s so sweet and playful, and has never met a challenge she couldn’t find a way to tackle.

“I have two of my own Labs at home and she always does surprise attacks on them,” Ryan told The Dodo. “Once her vest is on, though, she is all business.”

Photo Credit: Susan Ryan

Ryan works as an emergency physician at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, and to help with Wynn’s training and socializing, she started taking the puppy with her to the hospital sometimes. Wynn always loves visiting the hospital — but when the coronavirus epidemic started to become an issue in the U.S., it became clear that Wynn could fill an important role at the hospital.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, doctors, nurses and all hospital staffers are working around the clock to provide the best care they can. They’re working so hard and could definitely use some support, and Wynn is there for them, acting as a therapy dog specifically for everyone on staff who could use a moment to decompress amid all the chaos.

Ryan works hard at the hospital too, and even though she gets to see Wynn at home, she still took a moment on her shift recently to let Wynn comfort her. The pair sat on the floor of the hospital together and Wynn leaned into her foster mom, as if to thank her for taking such good care of both her and all of the patients in the hospital.

“She comforts us for sure,” Ryan said.

Photo Credit: Susan Ryan

Eventually, Wynn will move on and become an assistance dog for someone else who needs her, but for now, she’ll continue to help out at the hospital with her mom, and everyone is so grateful to have her there.

“When I walk into a shift the staff light up,” Ryan said. “But it’s for Wynn, not me.”


What a delightful story. Just look at those photographs; the second and last ones in particular!

You heard me say this many times before and, I assume, it will be many other times ahead: Dogs are the most comforting animal bar none. They are so, so precious!

Questions without answers.

Why is truth so often the first casualty?

As is the way of things, my post yesterday, The growth of empathy, unwittingly set the scene for today’s post.  Here’s why!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned Fukushima and the power of blogging in connecting so many all across the world.  Maurice Barry, who writes his own blog, left a comment:

Regarding Fukashima I’m still left wondering whether the real problem is the lack of social conscience in the top level leaders or the apathy of ordinary people like you and I who let them carry out their plans.

To which I replied, “Maybe just the power of 20:20 hindsight?”

So to today’s post.

One of the items in yesterday’s Naked Capitalism Links was the headline: Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado? That caught my eye and in a moment I had gone across to the blogsite: Bluedaze Drilling Reform.

This is what I read:

Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado?



See update below before trying to post a comment.

I will update this post as residents send me pictures and video.

We need the national news stations to go cover the environmental disaster that’s happening in Colorado right now.

This picture taken by a resident is from yesterday.

From an email.

I see you’ve noticed the underwater wells in Weld County, Colorado. Amazing; we’ve emailed the Denver TV stations, other media, and state and local politicians. We’ve sent pictures that our members have taken. It’s like the media and politicians have been TOLD not to say anything about it. There has been no mention of the gas wells on the Denver newscasts either last night or this evening although all stations have had extensive and extended flood coverage. You can see underwater wells in the background of some of the newscast videos, and yet the reporters say absolutely nothing.

Here’s a picture one of our members took yesterday in Weld County, Colorado. We’ve got tons more on our website. Check it out. The tanks are tipping and, in some cases, have fallen over. They have to be leaking toxins into the flood waters. There have to be hundreds if not thousands of underwater well pads in Weld County as a result of the flooding.

Please publicize this in Texas since our media people and politicians have gone silent!


East Boulder County United

Lafayette, Colorado

Post from yesterday shows leaking tank floating down the river.


The reason I called today’s post ‘Questions without answers’ was because there are so many complex issues today.  So many issues that cannot be understood in simple ‘question and answer’ ways.  But one hope of finding answers to the complex questions of these times is through the sharing, caring ways of communicating that so many can access.  No more passionately demonstrated than by TXSharon in her About section of her blog.

Finally, I shall leave you with another great dog picture from Chris Snuggs.  So beautifully appropriate to the complex world we live in.


But what does it all MEAN?