The California Wildfires

And now also closer to home.

This is a post about dogs being of comfort to the Californian firefighters. A post presented on The Dodo that I am republishing.

But yesterday afternoon came news that here in Oregon we have a blaze. As the Washington Post reported it, in part:

An unusually expansive outbreak of large and fast-moving wildfires threatens communities in three states Wednesday, with the greatest risks focused on Medford, Ore., and Oroville, Calif., as large fires advance in those areas.

In Oregon on Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Kate Brown (D) announced that four towns have experienced significant damage, and she warned residents to expect news of fatalities.

“Oregon has experienced unprecedented fire with significant damage and devastating consequences for the entire state,” she said. Brown said the communities of Detroit, Blue River, Vida, Phoenix and Talent are “substantially destroyed.”

But back to those Californian firefighters.


Dog Helps Comfort Firefighters Fighting The California Wildfires

Her hugs help them so much ❤️️

By Caitlin Jill Anders

Ever since she was a puppy, Kerith has been the bubbliest, most joyful dog, and her mom always knew that she was born to help people.


Kerith was originally being trained to be a guide dog for individuals who are blind, but ended up changing career paths to become a therapy dog instead. For the past year she’s been working with local firefighters, providing them comfort in times of need — and with the recent wildfires spreading across California, they need her now more than ever.


“Kerith has been going to base camps where the crews start their day before they roll out to fight one of the many wildfires in CA,” Carman said. “She lightens the mood first thing in the morning. We walk around to visit all the crews while they are getting ready for their day of fighting fires. Everyone wants to see her to get some love.”


As the fires rage across California, the firefighters’ jobs become more and more stressful as they work hard every moment of the day to save homes and lives. Kerith provides them a moment of relief and joy from the realities of their job — and when many of them see her, they can’t help but envelop her in a huge hug.


Kerith loves all her firefighter friends so much, and is more than happy to let them hug her close. She seems to know that what she’s doing is important, and that the hugs she’s getting are more than just hugs. She’s helping to bring comfort when the firefighters need it most.

“Kerith clearly loves what she is doing,” Carman said. “When she sees a fire engine she gets so excited because she knows she is going to see her firefighter friends.”


Hopefully the wildfires will be under control soon, but until then, Kerith will continue to give her firefighter friends as many hugs as they need.


I find it amazing that there are dogs such as Kerith who love to be loved. Now plenty of dogs fall into that category but Kerith is part of a team; the rest of the team are human and working their backsides off fighting fires.

I will leave you for today with a random photograph I found from the ABC News website of one of those fires in California.

Roll on the rain!

And a photograph taken at 11am PDT today of the hills to the East. It includes our own property.

It shows the extent of the smoke; the nearest run of trees across the photograph are on our property.

26 thoughts on “The California Wildfires

  1. I hope you guys stay safe. Several of my friends up there were evacuated. So glad, the firefighters have dogs to help them get through these trying times.


    1. Susan, I will be honest it’s an unnerving time. I think it all depends on the wind, as in speed and direction. So far the nearest fire of any consequence is at Medford about 30 miles away. But there is also the Slater fire to the South West about the same distance. There’s a helpful website here:

      But also the air quality is pretty bad.

      We are alright so far. But for how long I just don’t know. I will try and post updates on this blog.

      Thank you for your concern!

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  2. You are at high risk there so I’m hoping they are keeping things under control there. We are still at level one but it’s looking better now. Even my sister up the road in Washington is on alert. No one can go outside with the smoke everywhere and it’s scary to watch. Wish I had that dog right now because anxiety levels are up so high. I have my son and his wife here too. We wouldn’t even begin to know where to go if we have to evacuate here because everything is on fire. Keep us posted.


    1. I’ve just come inside from watering the trees. Tried to ignore the smoke!

      In terms of evacuation this County appears to have particular shelters in mind but whether they accept dogs is another thing. I will keep you posted; just about to go to the website now!

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      1. The one we were in during the Rodeo Chediski fire, wouldn’t take pets so my daughter slept in the truck with the dog and an handgun until the next morning when we could decide where to go. They have been loading farm animals and taking them to sheltering areas here too but looks like around me, things are contained. For now. Just LOTS of smoke. Don’t breathe that stuff! It’s bad for you..


    1. Thank you, Colette. Yes, you have been missed but, in turn, wishing you well. We are facing considerable smoke at the present. The nearest fires are about 30 miles away and with the present calm wind conditions we are hoping we are OK. Monday should see some rain coming in and it can’t come soon enough. Take care yourself!


    1. Monika, apologies for the delay in replying but we had to go into Grants Pass for some shopping.

      When we paid for our shopping at Winco in Grants Pass the young lass, Lisa, was complaining that her eyes were sore from the smoke. We had two minutes conversation with her and it turned out that her parents at a place called Happy Camp about 50 miles SW of Grants Pass had had their home burned to the ground and all their belongings gone. Jeannie couldn’t stop herself from giving Lisa a quick hug. Just one example of how close this situation can be!

      Please, please bring on the rain; forecast for Monday evening.

      And, yes, those dogs are precious! As we went into Winco a lady had her dog with her, part Labrador and part German Shepherd, and we stopped to stroke it and give it a hug. Jean and I had tears in our eyes from the happiness that this wonderful dog gave out. One just can’t imagine the pleasure and joy those firefighters had from Kerith.


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      1. I’ve been following the news stories about the fires in your state as my daughter lived in Eugene. So incredibly heartbreaking. Losing everything to a wildfire is so shocking. Sorry for Lisa’s family. I’m sure the hug Jeannie have helped weary heart. Bless you guys. Stay safe. Let’s here it for rain, and lots of it. After this weeks early snowstorm, it barely budged the needle on the fire outside of Ft. Collins.


      2. Monika, all I can say is thank you, and please can our thanks from this end radiate out to everyone including, of course, your daughter in Eugene. Or maybe I read that as she is still in Eugene when you used the past tense so maybe no longer. But our thanks still can radiate out wherever she is!

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  3. Dear Paul and Jeanie… Sending you my thoughts as these fires cris-cross across USA…. And I am sending prayers… Hoping you and your property and animals are safe.. 💚🙏


    1. Dear Sue,

      Yes, we are okay so far. That’s all we can say. It should be clearing up slowly and, hopefully, that will happen before the wind comes up and spreads the fires. But, on balance, I think we will be alright. Thank you, dear Sue, for concerns and your wishes.

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    1. Welcome Michelle. It’s good to hear from and, yes, our dogs are so, so amazing. They can sense a person in pain or in trouble and many other things. Anyway Michelle we hope to hear from you again soon.

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