Save the African Pangolin

It’s World Pangolin day tomorrow.

I confess to not having heard of this endangered species before.

But my son, Alex, sent me an email earlier in the week hoping I would post something on the blog.


Dear Alex

Creating widespread awareness of the four African pangolin species is an important part of our mission, because if people don’t know what a pangolin is, why would they care enough to help save it?

It’s World Pangolin Day this Saturday and here are two easy ways you can get involved right now:

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Share our latest Facebook campaign tagging at least 10 friends in your post, and help us reach our target of telling 100,000 people about pangolins by Saturday. We’ve just passed the 51,000 mark and with your help we can reach our goal!

With thanks,

Catherine and Team Pangolin


Every little helps!

And guess what I found:

PANGOLIN – The Most Poached Animal in The World

Pangolins are the most heavily poached animal in the world, despite the fact that most people don’t even know that they exist.

The Pangolin is a small mammal, covered in large overlapping scales. It’s mainly a nocturnal animal with a diet consisting of insects such as ants and termites.

They may look like weird-scaly anteaters, but they are actually not part of the anteater family at all. The 2 most unique features of this animal are, that it is covered in plate armor scales from head to toe, and even though it has four legs, it walks predominantly on it’s hind legs, and uses it’s front legs for griping & digging.

So why are these creatures being so heavily poached? Well It’s all to do with their scales. The Pangolin’s scales & meat are used in traditional medicine, fashion and even eaten in high-end cuisine.

Thanks for watching

And then on Wednesday the BBC News had an extensive item about Pangolins. It’s a long article with a video. Please read it.

11 thoughts on “Save the African Pangolin

  1. Such a unique little animal Paul, it is said that by 2020 nearly two thirds of species will be extinct how true that is I don’t know.. But Species are dying daily.. I read that many Guillemots were washed up in the Netherlands
    as they puzzle over death of estimated 20,000 birds last week.. Some think it was weather or they could be starving from lack of fish. Bit it was also reported that over 200 containers were lost overboard in bad storms into the ocean from a container ship. No one knows what the containers held.. So again humans are poisoning our oceans. and ALL will have a huge knock on effect along the food chain..

    Always good to catch your posts Paul 🙂 Take care


    1. Dear Sue, I hadn’t heard about those lost shipping containers. It’s very easy to regard these present times as the end times for the vast bulk of humanity. On some days I really believe this. On other days I think that we will pull through. I just don’t know!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We have to begin to understand several factors in our world we perceive. Understanding its true nature is somewhat a Pandora’s box, as we uncover many factors contributing to the whole..

        The ‘end times’ as you put it again can be perceived differently and if you watched the last video link i left you, you may see that this cycle has been and come many times throughout our Earth’s History..of global warming and cooling.

        But our Human imprint this time around is leaving yet more pollutants than ever before to which we are aware of, that we have no idea to the consequence of what that will be, but we are now seeing those changes, as we happen to be living through them..

        My poem on my post you commented on spoke of the turmoil our minds go through….Learning and understanding we create our own reality takes some digesting to those who think things JUST happen.

        We have created the problem of pollution.. Plastic, Fossil Fuels, Geo-engineering is also belching out every day masses of pollutants, yet no one speaks of this, Yet ..All of it is affecting the whole..
        Consumers however are easy targets with extra taxes to go to global clean up warming projects for greenhouse gas’s etc.. Yet companies can fiddle CO2 emissions, so consumers buy their products thinking they are safer, only to be told later that petrol after all is cleaner than diesel.
        These same companies that often fund the governments
        Choosing to change only that which I am and contribute both to the environment and the energy of vibration via my thoughts..
        When we learn we can affect our future by our present mode of thought and ‘actions’ we can affect change..
        But all of it begins with each of us changing ourselves. our consumer habits and so on..
        And I feel that perhaps our Earth Mother will bring about these changes for us sooner rather than later.. Because she is already altering and shifting beneath our feet, and above our heads.. And we will be forced to take action to survive..
        All I can do is bring awareness and change my own way of being..

        Many thanks Paul for bringing your own awareness to many topics which speak for those who have no voice to shout out.. 💚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We have, indeed Sue, increased our awareness of what really matters. I truly hope that the younger people will be the ones to actively reject the present way of life, and I hope to live long enough to see it really take off.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, how sad it is for these beautiful beings. Thank you for sharing, I never would have known what a pangolin was and as an animal lover… I felt a little sheepish! Will definitely share, thank you!


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