Food for Thought! A Fascinating Documentary!

Looking again into diet and nutrition.

While this post doesn’t specifically look at what we feed our dogs, there’s no question in my mind that good nutrition is just as important for our dogs as it is for ourselves.

Moving on!

You will know that quite a few of my recent posts have been on the back of me being made aware of how a strict diet plus taking many vitamins and supplements had had the effect of putting Colin Potter’s Parkinson’s Disease (PD) into remission.  All of which was summarised in an post last week called Food Truly Does Matter.

But then a good friend who lives locally, and has a solid medical background, spoke to me and said what you are writing can’t possibly be correct because if diet and supplements really did put PD patients into remission then “everyone would be doing it“. It was difficult to argue that.

So I thought the best people to call would be the American Parkinson Disease Association. I was put through to the director of the North-West Chapter of the APDA, located in Seattle, WA., and she agreed that there was no magic bullet in terms of diet and PD remission.

But the director went on to say that diet and lifestyle were nonetheless incredibly important and that there was no question that the correct decisions in terms of lifestyle were vital for anyone with PD; whatever the stage of the disease .

Dr. Laurie Mischley

The director also went on to say that without a doubt we should make contact with Seattle Integrative Medicine also, as the title suggests, in Seattle.

In particular, make contact with Dr. Laurie Mischley for the director said that Dr. Mischley’s clinical speciality is Parkinson’s Disease.

Plus we were advised to watch a talk that Dr. Mischley gave in British Columbia towards the end of 2016.

The talk is 49 minutes long and should be watched by everyone!


Because in the talk there is much evidence, as in factual evidence, that shows the link between our lifestyle choices and what helps or hinders those with PD.

But even more critical to my way of thinking is that the evidence presented in the talk offers solid reasons why all of us as we approach middle-age and beyond should be careful about what we eat.

Food for Thought: Diet & Nutrition in PD – Dr. Laurie Mischley, ND, PhD, MPH from Parkinson Society BC on Vimeo.

This is a recorded presentation from Parkinson Society British Columbia’s Victoria Regional Conference featuring Laurie Mischley. Dr. Mischley studied naturopathic medicine (ND) at Bastyr University and epidemiology (MPH) and nutritional sciences (PhD) at the University of Washington. Her work is focused on identifying the nutritional requirements unique to individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. She has published articles on coenzyme Q10, lithium and glutathione deficiency in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Dr. Mischley maintains a small clinical practice at Seattle Integrative Medicine focused on nutrition and neurological health.

So, my dear reader, here is a little plea from Paul.

Whether or not you have PD, watch the talk and have all the people you love and care for watch it as well.

Oh, and give your dog a cuddle from Jean and me!

Please understand that I do not offer advice and nothing on any website, including the blog site Learning from Dogs, email or any other communication is intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. It is not a substitute for consulting your doctor. You should consult a doctor for diagnosis of conditions, before beginning any diet, exercise or supplementation or if you suspect you have any healh issue. You should not stop medication without consulting your doctor.

12 thoughts on “Food for Thought! A Fascinating Documentary!

    1. Susan, yes that was one of the key discoveries made by Dr. M. Especially the positive effects of that exercise seven days a week. Jean is very committed to doing this.

      Everything is very much interconnected! No more so than nutrition, fitness and a long and healthy life!

      Lovely reply from you!


    1. Monika, this has been such an amazing journey. Later this morning Jean will be calling Dr. Mischley’s office and initiating the process of becoming a patient. As things become clearer I will share them here.

      Not because hordes of readers have PD, well I hope not, but because this documentary really does spell out the benefits of great nutrition and exercise. Especially in our middle years.

      We truly are what eat! Us humans and our beautiful dogs! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that is exactly how Jean and I feel. That, at last, we have found a source of sound advice. Indeed, we are impressed with the total operation; as in Seattle Integrative Medicine.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Such a good resource. Thank you Paul ❣️ A holistic approach in tandem with Western Medicine is so important. Keep moving and taking care of this precious bodies of yours 😊


  2. Excellent presentation which I watched together with Richard and have encouraged him to become one of her patients. Such sound advice and information on diet and the impact on the brain and body. So useful for PD sufferers and non sufferers alike…amazing…thank you.


    1. Julie, reading this lovely response from you has really made my day. I spoke with Richard not that long ago and if there’s anything at all that I can do to ‘oil the wheels’ so to speak then don’t hesitate to call or email. (Sending you an email in the next few minutes, by the way!)


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