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A New Roman Home

Please do everything you can to find Roman a loving home.

I am republishing an item that appeared recently on the blog Mitt Skolearbeid.


Meet Roman

Hello! My name is Roman. Hear my story:

I was left behind, abandoned by my owner who has had me for 14 years. He left me tied up on a 3-foot leash in a trailer for about two weeks (maybe longer) with little or no care by my owner’s parents who were unable to care for me daily. Luckily, a kind and lovely lady named Chrissy, found me after she heard my desperate cries. Chrissy spoke to my owner’s parents and was able to get me out of my filthy living condition and to my foster home, where I’m getting endless love and doggy playmates. Please help me find a forever, loving home!

Roman is old, but he’s still strong and playful. He hops, runs, and bounces around as if he were still a pup. If you’re interested, please contact me!


Roman’s present home is in Seattle, Washington and if you know of anyone who might be interested then the contact details are here.

Plus, please share this as far and wide as possible.

Thank you!


In response to me querying what Roman was like with other dogs and how far he could be taken in terms of meeting up with a new owner:

He is great with other dogs 🙂 I have two other big pups and they all get along just fine.
It depends on the location. Within a 5hr drive is fair.