Surfacing to a new world!

Slowly returning to normal!

As many of you read, last Friday I was discharged from the PeaceHealth Sacred Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon and returned home around 4pm.

It was quite a week as these photos demonstrate. (The background to the event is here and here.)

How I looked still in ICU on Boxing Day. Photo taken by neighbour Dordie who came up with Jeannie to visit me!
General view of a very happy chap!
Photo taken on last Wednesday after I had been transferred to the Department of Neurology.


It is important that I take it very gently and that means, inevitably, that my blogging is going to be very ad-hoc. Possibly for a few weeks!

The next important step is returning to the hospital this coming Wednesday to have the staples removed and a further cognitive check.

But I shall be OK and thank you all for your interest and concern in my escapade!

All of the dogs, especially Brandy and Cleo, are watching over me! (Over and beyond being loved beyond measure by Jeannie!)

Brandy – as pure as it gets!
Cleo living, and sleeping, in the present moment.

A Very Happy New Year to you all!

56 thoughts on “Surfacing to a new world!

  1. Oh, Paul! That looks painful as all get out! I am happy to see that you have been discharged & you have a great group of caretakers. Your constant readers will be here so take your time & mend. Wishes into the universe….

  2. So good to know, that you are home again Paul. With all your caregivers, as just wish you all the best. Send you healing and best thoughts for improving your health.
    Take it easy, we will wait for you. Happy New and Healthy Year to all of you.

    1. What I have in mind is offering blog posts more along the lines of as and when something inspires or interests me. I will most certainly take it easy! 😎

  3. I had not visited Learning From Dogs for weeks, so I was rather surprised by your severe brain injury. Apparently it didn’t affect your usual cool and wise mien. Biking can be nasty. I prefer semi-deadly mountain running, including finishing on ice today, three hours after sunset (unusually I had the equipment including 2 lamps and crampons; the snow was too deep at 8,000 feet, that’s why I was so late…) Shortly after a long and soothing bath, I learned that my brother in law in Alaska, who had a heart attack 4 weeks ago, died of a stroke. Leif was 45. A nature photographer, know for his aurora borealis photographs.

    We the living, are very lucky, especially those, as you and me, who take chances!
    Have a prompt recovery, and stay away from bikes (once a car hit me, when biking, I flew 50 feet, and broke bones during landing; after that, no more biking, except for very rare social mountain biking)

    1. Oh, dear Patrice, I am so sorry to hear about Leif. Are you able to share some of Leif’s photos? Would love to see them.
      Emotionally I want to return to biking. I love the sense of fitness and health that it offers. But there is a message within your words that is ‘speaking’ to me. Plus, I can’t avoid recognizing that here in this very bedroom is Jean’s Theracycle that is a damn good stationary bicycle.
      I most certainly can’t afford another bike fall!
      Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Paul. Fingers crossed that my mending continues unabated. Having your kind wishes, as with everyone else, is very motivating for me! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh thank goodness for your son and your friend making you go back to hospital! That is some scar, Paul!!! What a shock. Please, take your time with your recovery – the brain is rather slow to heal and you will feel tired. Listen to those who know you best (as you already have done). Yes, dogs are always good to hang out with!! Best wishes for the New Year, Emma.

    1. Emma, what you wrote is exactly what the hospital staff said. That the brain will take a number of weeks to fully heal. Yesterday I noted that at very short notice my brain made it clear that I should go and lay down and be quiet and still. I am very grateful to be alive! Thank you!

      1. I had a friend who had a bleed on the brain and he found recovery very tiring indeed. It took much longer than he thought it would. I think he came back to work too soon as he did struggle quite a bit. Take your time, if you can. Full recovery may take months rather han weeks, Paul. Take care.

      2. Yes, I’m very conscious of doing too much too soon. Especially when I feel things are going well! It’s a lesson that I need to learn and learn now! As in, if in doubt don’t do it! Thanks Emma! Thanks big time!

    1. 😀 Yes, it’s not the prettiest sight! But, trust me, I am enjoying milking it for all it’s worth! It so easily could have been so much worse! All the best to you, John. Have a great New Year!

  5. So sorry to hear about your accident. Thank goodness you were wearing a helmet and for Dan Gomez insisting you went back to hospital! Here’s wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery!

    1. Yes, scary was a very accurate description! Unbelievably scary. But so, so pleased at the outcome. Thank you. A Very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family. Sounds like your fur babies are taking care of you very well. 🙂

  7. Oh, dear Paul, I missed that first post somehow! I am so glad to see you are on the mend, slowly but surely, and you know your faithful readers will be reading what you do put out, however sporadic. Glad you have your faithful companions by your side, they look like they are doing quite the job, much like mine do when taking care of me!
    Happy New Year and much love sent your way from all of us at Callie’s Wag!

  8. Paul you really now must concentrate upon your healing, and the blogging community will be here upon your return to full health my friend.. So please do not worry yourself over your blog.. The main thing is that you are on the mend.. Oh my goodness, what a trauma you all have been through.
    So do not even think of replying here.. Just Get Well, and Heal,
    Sending special Hugs to Jean too..
    And you are held within my prayers Paul.. Both of you are..
    Love and Hugs..
    Sue ❤

    1. Of course I will reply! Sitting here in bed taking it very easy! Writing, by the way, is very good for my healing! Fingers crossed that next Wednesday has news of continuing recovery going on in my old noddle!

  9. Paul we were so sorry to hear of your injury however, we are very happy to hear and see you are recovering nicely. The four legged kids really do help when one is on the mend just by being next to you, please take care and know you are in our thoughts. Peter & Leslie

    1. Your hugs and hope for my full recovery are precious beyond words. Whatever happens the friendship shown by you and everyone else over these last few days is treasure beyond gold.

  10. Paul, I missed the original post detailing what happened, so I’m in a bit of a shock here. Sounds like you’re on the mend, but my God, that first picture doesn’t look good at all. *shiver*. Here’s to a healthy, safe 2018!!

    1. Yes, that first picture is a bit of a bloody mess! But essentially showing the necessary draining from my head. Bearing in mind that I had had the two brain operations just 24 hours previously! Touch wood my return to a healthy brain, albeit not a young one, continues unabated! Tomorrow’s return to hospital will be a key milestone.
      Kate, thank you for your concern and your kindness in your words. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Love it! Yes, trust me, I am treading a very careful balance between healing and returning to a more normal head! Thank goodness, my brain is very quick to indicate if I am doing too much. Your healing energies are being received loud and clear!

    1. Thanks Sue. Without doubt I will post the details of what we are told when we return to Eugene this afternoon. Will probably come out as a new post sometime tomorrow.

  11. OH. MY. GOD. What being away from the internet does in just a couple of weeks! Aren’t you lucky to a)be alive, b)have such loving support and c)have all those dogs helping you heal! They are such masters at that, I have found. Many blessings to you for continued healing and strength, Paul! May it be so! Happy New Year and Aloha ❤

    1. Bela, yes, all of those things have been, and continue to be, so important! That day, a week ago, when I was discharged from hospital and returned to be greeted by the dogs will forever remain as the most precious moment. Thank you for your very kind wishes

  12. Happy to see that you are recovering! I wish you well in this process. Dogs make everything better for sure!

    1. Welcome Kristy! I’m guessing your name is Kristy for I haven’t as yet been across to your place. That is very kind of you to send me your best wishes and, yes, there is no doubting the healing effect of our lovely dogs! All dogs! Anyway, hope to see you again.

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