This is home!

It continues to feel very special!

Last Wednesday I was signed off in terms of being over my medical challenge and the good doctor said I was clear to return to driving; I drove home that afternoon from Eugene to Merlin.

I wanted to offer you good people a sense of what being home, more or less compus mentus , feels like.

I offer you this YouTube video.

It is a very beautiful world!

29 thoughts on “This is home!

  1. I love this, Paul! I am a huge fan of Dr. Sagan’s work every since the 70s. You get the true picture of how miniscule things are in correlation with the breadth of the universe.
    Glad you are on the mend.


  2. Wonderful to know you are healing well Paul and yes, that video certainly brings it home to us.. Sending continued well wishes and hope you continue recovering well Paul.. Keep nurturing yourself.. I am certain Jeannie will be.. 🙂 Take care..
    Sue 🙂


    1. Delighted to confirm that there is plenty of nurturing going on just now! To put some detail on that last reflection, I am sitting up in bed, Jean snoozing next to me, both of us surrounded by sleeping dogs: Ruby; Sweeny; Cleo; Oliver and Pedy. Doesn’t get more nurturing than that! Big hugs, Sue!

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  3. That’s great news, Paul!

    You’ve handled everything so very well, since your accident! And it was great to talk to you again earlier this week, before your appointment.

    Of course, I have no knowledge of this field, but my sense is that it’s far better to err on the side of taking it too slowly than taking it too fast.

    Take it easy, take it slowly … but do take it!! 😉

    All the best,


  4. Glad you are home. I was wondering how you were getting on today as I visited my local hospital for a blood test. I had to wait for 40 minutes and I hadn’t brought anything to read, so my mind did a good old wander. Its great that you could drive home.


    1. Thanks Brady. But afraid it’s a no to Saturday. Simply because the healing of my brain is at a very early stage and I can’t mix socialize until February.


  5. Ah, so lovely to be home in your space on this little blue dot. Keep healing…you are in the best place with all that love around you. 💕💓😊


    1. Oh, you put your finger on this! The healing love that flows all around and about me. Lead by Jeannie and supported by all the dogs. I am a very lucky guy! Big time! Thanks Colette so much.

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    1. Thank you so much, Kate. Yes, it does feel like that although the variability in how I am day by day surprises me. Not that I wasn’t advised by the hospital staff that this would be so.


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