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Surfacing to a new world!

Slowly returning to normal!

As many of you read, last Friday I was discharged from the PeaceHealth Sacred Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon and returned home around 4pm.

It was quite a week as these photos demonstrate. (The background to the event is here and here.)

How I looked still in ICU on Boxing Day. Photo taken by neighbour Dordie who came up with Jeannie to visit me!
General view of a very happy chap!
Photo taken on last Wednesday after I had been transferred to the Department of Neurology.


It is important that I take it very gently and that means, inevitably, that my blogging is going to be very ad-hoc. Possibly for a few weeks!

The next important step is returning to the hospital this coming Wednesday to have the staples removed and a further cognitive check.

But I shall be OK and thank you all for your interest and concern in my escapade!

All of the dogs, especially Brandy and Cleo, are watching over me! (Over and beyond being loved beyond measure by Jeannie!)

Brandy – as pure as it gets!
Cleo living, and sleeping, in the present moment.

A Very Happy New Year to you all!

A very lucky day!


A few weeks ago I reported my bike accident. I published the post here: https://learningfromdogs.com/2017/11/24/dont-try-home/


In that post I spoke that on November 22nd I had a bike accident that knocked me out for nearly 8 minutes. I was taken to our local hospital, they did a CAT scan, and declared that there was no serious harm apart from some severe bruising.

Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed I was a little strange. Like I couldn’t write words and other strange behaviors. Jean and I thought it was just part of the healing process. But Alex, my son, became very worried because I was acting so strange. Then friend of 40 years, Dan Gomez, insisted on me going back to the local hospital. I did return last Sunday the 24th. Thank goodness for he saved my life.

That hospital in Grants Pass found more bleeding in my brain, albeit very slow bleeding, and transferred urgently me to the regional trauma center at Eugene. I then had two sub-durnal (sp?) operations overnight before being put onto the ICU ward. The lead surgeon explained that I was within 24 hours of dying! As in if I had not gone back to hospital.

I am now on the Neurology ward at the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, rapidly regaining my strength and hoping to go home over the weekend. Fingers crossed the neurological damage will not be too bad.

So yet another example of always listening to one’s inner mind.

I must add that the care and attention, even love, shown to me by everyone at the hospital has been wonderful beyond imagination! Thank you all! Continue reading “A very lucky day!”