No place for amateurs!

Offering up a tribute to the work of a professional.

Many, many years ago when I was in business on my own account (1978-1986) I had the pleasure of getting to know Frank Tijou. He was running his own very successful business. But more important than that, Frank had this wonderful ability to explain what he had learned over his years of being an entrepreneur. One such learning was stick to what you really know and don’t try and do things that are best left to other professionals. In other words, don’t be an amateur when it comes to important matters.

Thus when some weeks ago I was strongly recommended by some local authors to have an author website, I looked around for a professional. I quickly came to find Christy Kiltz of Design! by Kiltz Internet Solutions.

Talk about finding a true professional.

Forgive me, I’m not coming at this in terms of an ego trip. I just want to promote what a wonderful job Christy did. (And not forgetting Emily’s grand design work.) (And most certainly not forgetting my darling Jeannie who did the image of the man in a flat cap with the dogs!)

Please go across to my new website: Paul Handover – Life Traveller.

The home page banner image from my website.

So in the words of American playwright Garson Kanin:

“Amateurs hope, professionals work.”

Thank you, Christy!

12 thoughts on “No place for amateurs!

    1. That’s the plan. Christy used WordPress to create the site so, in theory, I have the ability to make minor changes. But essentially it is to be a static website.


  1. So very, very true, Paul. Many years ago I heard it expressed another way by my landlord. He said “you can’t beat a man at his own game”. It’s served me well all these years. Now I will pop over and check out your new site. Just so you know, I did not realize the pretty German Shepard up in the corner was the cover to a book. I really do not see things I don’t focus on. I ordered your book last night after reading K. D.’s blog. 😦


  2. I agree Paul, We should all consult the experts in their field.. And I will be hoping over their in a Mo.. Congratulations upon your new website Paul..
    Sorry I have not been here to comment .. Easter was busy… and as I saw your like.. You can see how busy We have been in the allotments.. Hope you followed the link through the photo.. 🙂 to my Garden site. 🙂
    Right off to see a man in flap Cap.. And well done Jean.. seems we are both trying our hand at digital art recently Lol..
    Hugs to both of you.. 🙂


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