Foreign lands.

These seem like times where very little makes sense.

Blogger Patrice Ayme posted an item on Wednesday under the title of Doomed Dems. It was, inevitably, a commentary on the recent news regarding Donald Trump. Here’s how Patrice’s post opens:

So Donald Trump will be the Republican committee ( 😉 ) for the presidency. And Trump will, probably, be elected US president. Why? Because people want change, and they did not get it. Instead they got more of the drift down, after the reign of the teleprompter reading president. Average family income is DOWN $4,000 since (“Bill”) Clinton’s last year as president. According to a FOX News poll, 64% of Americans blame Wall Street. Meanwhile in a vast report in the New York Times, Obama celebrates, in May 2016, the alliance he said he made with Wall Street in 2008.

Later on in that same post, Patrice goes on to write about the horrific fire in Alberta, Canada, and the damage to trees in Yosemite National Park in California. At first sight those two events would appear disconnected. But not according to Patrice:

Meanwhile a friend of mine went to Yosemite ten days ago. She told me she could not believe the devastation of the forest. Most of it is fiery red. It is devastated by the Pine Bark Beetle. To kill the Beetle, one needs twenty days well below freezing. However, this hard freeze is now a memory. So the Beetle invades, and kills forest. Treating tree by tree is hopelessly expensive, and futile. Yes, the forests will burn soon, adding to CO2 in the atmosphere. And it is all the way like that to Alaska.

Fort McMurray, Alberta may not have seen the worst of a devastating wildfire.

Massive walls of flames prompted authorities to order the evacuation of all the city’s more than 80,000 residents last night. The blaze has been caused by un-naturally high temperatures. Such giant fires are our immediate future. Nobody said the Greenhouse crisis was going to be nice. More evacuations coming.

Anything to do with dogs? Well, yes!

For this coming Saturday I am giving a talk about my book, Learning from Dogs, to our local Rogue Valley Humanist and Freethinkers (both Jean and I are members) and it struck me that what Patrice wrote about and what we see all around us are part of the same big picture. That we need to be reminded of a few fundamentals. As I will be saying in my talk:

Dogs are creatures of integrity! Wow! Now you might see where this is leading to!

But more than that, much more than that, they offer us humans a model for a range of behavioural qualities that we ignore at our peril:

I then list the qualities that we see in our dogs, and continue:

Hold those values close to you for just a few moments. Imagine what would flow out across the world if those were the characteristics, the behavioural values, of us humans!

Finally, towards the end of that talk on Saturday I will be saying:

Nature will always have the last word regarding her natural world, to which we humans are so intricately linked. Standing alongside and respecting nature as the future comes to us will be so much wiser than pushing back against nature, and ultimately failing, trying to “convert” nature to some form of materialistic human resource. Because that route will only return those of us who survive to a life of hunting and gathering. Which, so many thousands of years previously, is where early dogs started humankind on the long journey leading to now.
Dogs have been the making of humans and a viable future for humankind on this beautiful planet depends on us never forgetting this oldest relationship of all, the one between dog and human.

Because if we, as a global society, don’t understand that when it comes to power all the plutocrats and all of their money come to naught in contrast to the power of nature then these present lands are going to become very strange indeed!

And nature is rapidly encroaching on these lands that we are now traversing.

13 thoughts on “Foreign lands.

  1. Hi Paul, and thanks for quoting extensively my intricate thought processes. One caveat: I do not esteem “blogger” very much: all too many of them say, all too often, whatever. All too many of the more prolific of them are also paid for their activities. I esteem much more “writers” and “thinkers”.

    Indeed, being led by plutocrats is to be led by what motivates them, and this is all too often little more than the Dark Side of elementary school bullies. They can only produce the worst childish solutions.


  2. Paul your talk sounds like a good one.

    Big business, insurance companies, oil and gas and pharmaceutical companies are running the US. It is about lobbying and greed of the 1% population. No other country has insane costs for medications. Outsourcing has taken the jobs to China and there in lies the problem of un-employment.

    I’m not into the political thing where everything is about Trump and the Democrats are the cause of the all the US’s problems. Everybody keeps knocking Obama. Well he was not the best president nor was he the worst. Repubs rebuffed everything he wanted to change. Yes, Obamacare was a disaster. Bush destabilized the mid-east by invading Iraq. Every president has had a hand in damaging our country. Can’t blame it all on any one party or president. So that is my two cents worth and I’ll shut now.

    Hope Haze is doing better each day.


    1. I wrote a long reply just before our internet connection failed! Will try and recollect what I wrote later on today (lunch and unloading bales of hay come first!). And miracle of miracles, there is my earlier reply below.

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    2. Well top of my reply to your thoughtful comments is to say that Hazel is still doing well. She is noticeably more frisky and more the wonderful loving dog that she always has been. I meant to reply to your comment yesterday in the same way but just ran out of time.

      With regard to your broader message, I agree and, frankly, who wouldn’t. Plus, you must realise that this is not a political landscape that is unique to this country. There’s a saying in my old country: “There are liars, damn liars, and politicians.” Certainly that’s a cruel perspective but underpinning that saying is a widespread belief that good men and women who are drawn into politics, at all levels, find it very difficult to resist some sort of political infection that corrupts the passion and moral clarity that they first had. Not everyone, of course, and not all of the time, but that doesn’t negate the underlying and valid belief.

      The only hope is that awareness of the extremes of power and greed that we see so often is starting to change attitudes amongst the average ‘man on the street’. Trump over here and UKIP in the UK are symptoms of many people saying enough is enough.

      It really does feel like we are approaching the end of an old era with the associated feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. These are most certainly interesting times!

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      1. I’m so glad that Hazel is returning to being herself again.

        “There are liars, damn liars, and politicians.” I like that old saying. I don’t dare write anything else political concerning what I think and how I have analyzed the contenders,because I would get on my soap box and offend more that a few people.


  3. Petspeopleandlife: I know Obama personally, he is a friend. However he did what he was told to do by the powers that be, like Clinton before him (plutocrat Bush, from the powers that be, is not worth mentioning…) That was obviously a mistake. Watch the (Federal Reserve originated) graphs in: “Doomed Dems”.


    1. Lovely to read your thoughts Patrice on Pauls post.. and agree entirely with your thoughts here.. Presidents and MP’s are mere mouth pieces for the powers that be behind the scenes..
      And agree too about Mother Nature having the last word… Have you not also thought how we are being shown in various ways via nature’s natural disasters and the crisis of refugees fleeing with nothing ,How we humans are also learning to LET GO of the Material World?

      Seems our lessons may only just be beginning.
      Regards Sue


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