Hugging trees this weekend.

“The Spring is sprung, the grass is riz!”

Our delivery of trees arrived yesterday from the Arbor Day Foundation and that means that much of today will be spent in getting those trees planted.

Plus the recent wet spell has stopped me taking that first cut of the grass from around the house. So there’s another task for this relatively decent weekend coming up. And the vegetable garden needs some attention. And so on!

All of which is my way of saying that I won’t be paying my normal level of attention to Learning from Dogs for the next few days.

Rather aptly comes this item that was recently published over on The Conversation and is republished here within their kind terms.


Hug a tree – the evidence shows it really will make you feel better

March 18, 2014.

15 thoughts on “Hugging trees this weekend.

  1. Good healthy ideas here. Living in downtown Chicago may seem an unlikely location for a nature lover, but we are blessed with a Great Lake that is biblical in effect. We also have the miles of lakefront which include grass, trees, rabbits, squirrels and wild birds galore. I hope your post spurs more participation in nature. I am looking forward to riding my bicycle along the lakefront an hour from now.


    1. Well done, Tony. To my mind that was the central message of the article. That that participation in nature could be enjoyed in all parts. Hope it was a great cycle ride. How frequently do you ride?

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      1. That’s fantastic! Jean and I try and ride every other day, subject to weather, and know how good it is for our senior ‘bones’! However, it is not the flattest part of the planet here at home!

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  2. Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) is a terrible thing. BTW, I have a new, intuitive proof of relativistic mass from time dilation, on my site. To make Relativity intuitive.


  3. Wonderful that you are doing this Paul.. As you know I am a tree hugger 🙂 Talking about Urban Trees, did you know that here in the UK the city of Sheffield which is known here as the Greenest City due to its tree lined streets.. Cut down over 3,000 of its tree’s the beginning of this year… I am sure you can find the story of how residents were up in arms but to no avail as the council went ahead regardless of protests.. Some wonderfully mature healthy trees were felled..

    Thank you for the linked article also Paul
    Enjoy your Easter.
    and I hope you have recovered.. bet those muscles are still in protest 🙂


    1. Sue, I’ll search for the details of that ghastly act in Sheffield. What on earth was the official justification? From earlier times I recall Sheffield being a rather pleasant city, a bit like Exeter. 3000 trees! Ouch!

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      1. The excuse was it was causing the pavements to buckle and was a health and safety hazard.. But even in Nottingham there has been a big purge on cutting down mature trees and lopping off far too many which will take years to recover almost to the main trunks.. Very Sad.. My daughter complained as her street was also subjected.. ( Not in Sheffield )They have two large trees in their back garden which they had to obtain planing permission to cut back a few branches .. As she is passionate about the wild bird life and squirrels that visit her garden.. She was devastated to come home and find her whole street of trees cut back and not one word to the householders.. A rule for one.. it seems


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