Returning to the land – a guest essay.

A question of a possible catastrophe

Note: As tomorrow’s post will explain, the next few weeks will be encroaching seriously on my blogging time. So it was very timely to receive this guest essay from John in the last couple of days and even more generous of him to give me permission to republish it.

It will make an interesting comparison to an item from Dan Gomez being published on Thursday.


Notes on Dealing With Imminent Catastrophe

We know that our world economy is leveraged at least twenty-five times beyond any earthly material foundation. Regardless of this reality, we have made an artificial global economy more real than our physical world. This situation only makes sense when we recognize that we’re being encouraged to re-establish our awareness of reality. It’s a final exam time for a leading edge species of clever monkeys.

Nature has tolerated human activities for millions of years. Now that our demographics ravenously swarm the globe, belch poisons into the five mile band of air that sustains surface life on earth, dumps wastes and toxins into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans, and arrogantly refuses to understand obvious warnings; Nature is reacting.

For those who are inclined to either or choices, in accordance with the physical Law of Entropy, the decision is between pursuing constructive or destructive actions. For those who are more spiritually oriented, there is no question. In either case, we know what needs to be done.

Our first order of business is to stabilize our inclusive global economy through green initiatives that are operated for profit without damage to the eco-system. Yes, this sounds impossible the first time we think about it. Can we come up with a better plan? Not really, when we stop and honestly consider our situation. We’re poised on the brink of a material, economic and cultural collapse created by human beings.

Wars continue to be waged world wide over territory and rapidly diminishing fossil fuel resources. We have essentially lost trust in each other as equal members of a common community we call Earth. And, we are rapidly losing faith in the unsustainably inflated symbol of trust we call Money.

A green economy is our best solution for the multiple problems that plague us. Here’s why and a few suggestions about how we go about the process. Essentially, our critical need for renaissance is a process of education, formation and transformation.

When we return to the land as a global priority, the use of solar energy can replace massive industrial electrical generators running on fossil fuel derivatives. Most industrial generators may be easily converted to bio-diesel fuel. Industrial diesel generators worldwide can be converted to bio-fuel overnight. No mechanical adaptation is required.

Electric cars already set speed records at Europe’s classic racetracks. Solar electric cars are on the horizon. A bio-diesel engine to power a golf cart costs about $500 today and is available from Amazon.

There’s a natural need for co-operation when we return to the land and collectively re-establish our financial roots. First, we recognize that each of our actions affects the well being of the earth and its inhabitants. Second we realize that we are responsible for the well being of the Earth which sustains our being.

Third, we re-establish our natural connection with the unity of a living universe. We begin with the community gardens and farmer’s markets that are already operational, and rebuild accordingly.

When we are foolish, we act independently for our personal well being. When we are wise, we act together for the well being of the earth and each other. Growing our own food not only assures that what we eat will be free of chemical by-products; it also makes us aware of how fragile our consumer supply lines have become. Recycling our food waste as fertilizer completes a natural growth cycle.

By the way, a back yard greenhouse can produce enough bio-fuel to operate a diesel vehicle and a solar panel array can generate enough energy to charge your electric car. How much money does this save each year?

We don’t need nuclear reactors that sometimes melt down and sicken us with a continual stream of radiation carried by the tides and the winds of an integrated planet. We don’t need the wastes of nuclear reactors that poison the earth for millennium.

We don’t need nuclear weapons capable of destroying most, if not all, of the life on earth in an all out suicidal war. The only creatures to survive the holocaust of nuclear war would need to be radiation resistant; shielded deep underground or deep under the sea.

Harnessing wind, water and geothermal energy are wiser ways to keep our world energized in a green economy. A combination of habitats and communities powered by solar and geothermal energy will produce a new building boom as we shed the skin of our former infrastructure and a green architectural industry emerges.

Recycling the components of our technological world not only reduces our industrial waste, it decreases the cost of manufacture. Similarly, adapting and reusing what we already have decreases our personal expenses and reduces our demands on the earth.

These are only a few of the ideas which are already possible. Many more are already in the process of becoming our greater reality.

Still think such a massive transformation is impossible? If so, please know that you remain in our prayers.

There is hope for tomorrow. Science consistently opens new doors. Faith in the Nature of God of which we are each an infinitesimal part makes us unified and strong as a consciously aware biological species.

John Hurlburt

an old lamplighter


18 thoughts on “Returning to the land – a guest essay.

  1. Thank you for this post Paul. I have to agree with John.

    “Our first order of business is to stabilize our inclusive global economy through green initiatives that are operated for profit without damage to the eco-system. Yes, this sounds impossible the first time we think about it. Can we come up with a better plan? Not really, when we stop and honestly consider our situation. We’re poised on the brink of a material, economic and cultural collapse created by human beings.”

    There are ways, and those in Big corporations know there are plenty of alternative ways to heal this world.. But their greed and blinkered approach in keeping on doing what they have been doing and their Fear of Change to their Bank balances are preventing eco friendly fuels especially from being produced….. Sigh… I still think Mother Nature will force us ALL to return to the Land Paul..
    Enjoy your week..

      1. Mother Nature will reduce the population Patrice.. Along with our continued Wars, and Man-made germ warfare of that I am sure. We seem hell bent on reducing the population, so I shouldn’t worry too much!

        How are you proposing to reduce it?..

        I am sure you are a very intelligent soul Patrice and I wouldn’t even want to compare myself on an educational level with your good self.. I am merely a soul who observes and works with Nature..

        You said.. WE.. ” In both cases, we need to reduce the world population by 7 billion.” Who is WE? Those in power who make sure the haves have plenty while they look on and see Nations starve.. Or is it the pharmaceuticals who are poisoning us anyway with pills and antibiotics as our own immune systems become none existent?

        We are a species like any other on this planet.. Except we think we Own the planet.. We are mere Ants in the scheme of things! and we have seen nothing yet as to our planet evolves..Whether we evolve along with her is dependant upon how we ALL of us live with Nature and each other.. We are still such a primitive race of beings.. And Have much to learn.. We may think we are technologically advanced.. But in essence we are Killing ourselves with pesticides, radiation, additives, not to mention all the contaminated foods that are pumped full of goodness knows what..

        And why would WE want to reduce the population other than to have More for ourselves? I am sure you can and will give me the answers to this one.. 🙂 I would expect nothing less..

        You asked a Question Patrice so I will answer it.. I said ” I still think Mother Nature will force us ALL to return to the Land Paul “.. Your question was ““Returning to land” means what? Early Neolithic? Pre-Neolithic? In both cases, we need to reduce the world population by 7 billion.”

        I mean if Mother Nature has a Mega catastrophe that affects our Modern Day world of living, they our way of living will have to revert back to the Old ways of being.. meaning we will need to learn and live in harmony with the land.. ie growing our food, co-operating and sharing and a more communal frugal way of living..

        But you see for most such a catastrophe would be the end of their world.. Because no one today would live like that.. It would be chaos.. because the human race would fight for what they wanted and take it from those that had it..
        Early Neolithic! or Pre-Neolithic Maybe! either way we would become Savages!..

        While I can not change World Events.. I can live my own life more frugal.. I can recycle and conserve and grow my own food..Which I do..
        There are lots of things as individuals we could do.. But for the most part ‘we’ (being the collective) We turn a blind eye and think its not our problem.. Maybe it soon won’t be.. But one thing is for sure.. This planet has been going for billions of years.. And I am sure she will keep on going for a few more billion.. Now whether or not Mankind will still be a species upon it.. Well that’s any ones guess!
        Many thanks for asking the question..
        I just hope as I know you too like to express your opinion and I respect you have yours.. You also respect that this is mine..


      2. Sue, what a powerful reply! One that shows, in spades, your personal commitment to making a difference. I hope to say more in my post coming out tomorrow.

  2. We don’t need this, we don’t need that. OK, even Putin may agree. And I agree too. But the Devil is in the details.

    And the details don’t work. Yes, geothermal is a great idea. It has been tried, all over. Ask the good people of Basel; quakes. The company quaking Basel had to stop.
    Geothermal is not much better than frack that way.

    Yes, nuclear is bad. But that’s because the reactors used in japan or the USA use only 1% of the energy. The rest is called “waste”… And stored (what for? War?) Actually that “waste” could be burned again.

    Nuclear tides sounds good, but is basically dishonest; we never had such a thing. Even in Fukushima (a completely idiotic plant, where 4 reactors melted down or got destroyed because of a tsunami), we still have to see people die.

    Fossil fuel kills at least 7 million people a year. Fukushima: zero. Burning fuels, 20,000 people killed, each day. How good is your bio-fuel, Mr. Old Lamp Lighter? We don’t need no Old Lamp. I use LEDs.

    1. Patrice, your reply is most valuable. Even more so when I consider what I will be writing about on Thursday and Friday. Which is essentially about the claim from the co-founder of The Weather Channel, the meteorologist John Coleman, that the change in our climate is, essentially, a natural phenomenon.

      1. “Climate change natural”? All right. All my thermonuclear torpedoes are ready to sink that John Coleman. “Natural” means nothing. We are “Natural”.
        And we are not talking “climate change”, we are talking CO2 CURVE.

        How big is Mr. Weather Channel’s house?

    2. “Fossil fuel kills at least 7 million people a year. Fukushima: zero. Burning fuels, 20,000 people killed, each day. How good is your bio-fuel, Mr. Old Lamp Lighter? We don’t need no Old Lamp. I use LEDs”

      Maybe here-in lies the answer to helping in the reduction of the 7 billion Patrice you are so eager in reducing… ( this is said with tongue in cheek ) and no offence is intended.. 🙂

      I am pleased to see you at least agree that Fukushima is a completely idiotic plant.. … We agree! 😀

      Have a wonderful day…

      1. Sue: My 7 billion sentence was meant sardonically. Sardonicity is a delicate art. Correction/explanation coming.

        My point is that the most optimal course is more, and better technology, and wisdom, and I am sure we agree on that. Have a wonderfully sardonic day too! 😉

  3. Excellent discussion. Consider that we are a relatively recent arrival in the inclusive system we call Nature. Life that does not consistently adapt to change has a low survival threshold. Immediate constructive change remains our best spiritual, moral and scientific hope as a species.

  4. Thanks you for the very long answer, Sue. I made a mistake of a type which I usually succeed to avoid: my sentence had a dual meaning.

    What I meant to say was: ““Returning to land” means what? RETURNING TO the Early Neolithic? RETURNING TO the Pre-Neolithic? In both cases, we WOULD need to reduce, TO SEE THE WORLD POPULATION COLLAPSE by 7 billion.”
    So my comment was meant to be sardonic.

    What the planet does is our business, and we can inflect it. We have to. As I show in a detailed example in “Total Plutocracy” my latest example and in several others on Google (including one Saturday), only a few hundred individuals take all the decisions.

    This is unfair, and very foolish. If we just go and cultivate our garden, we are shirking our responsibilities. Mine is to show the mental landscape. But others, even if they can’t follow all the reasonings, ought to get involved.

    I struggled mightily, giving 2 years of my life to get my friend Obama elected. If I had known what happened, I would not have done this. Now I think we should all push for direct democracy. That means, in particular, LOCAL democracy. We can all push for this.

    So we can, and we HAVE to change world event. Or a world we really don’t like will eventually come knocking.

    1. Patrice, what a great response from you. I agree completely that things have to change, and change soon. And a change to direct democracy is probably the only salvation for mankind, without wishing to sound too grand.

    2. Patrice thank you for this reply and I accept your typo error! 🙂 :-).. and I agree with your sentence
      ” we HAVE to change world event. Or a world we really don’t like will eventually come knocking.”…

      Changing the world I try to do within my own ‘Garden’ We each need to take responsibility I agree and while I am a mere speck.. I do not bury my head and just smell the roses.. I ‘SEE’ how this world works and much more besides and cultivate appropriately ..
      I am pushing in the only way how I know to push.. By living by example.. It matters not to me who you rub shoulders with, ALL are equal in my world.. I am reminded here of a Quote I incorporated in my one of my posts..

      Quote Confucius: “To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.”

      I have no doubts at all Patrice your heart is in the right place.. We ALL of us with a heart wish to save our planet and want to see a more peaceful world. We just have different roles to play in our Life’s Plan at how we think that is best served..

      ‘Mankind cannot become healthy unless there is the realization that we’re ill and, as a species, we are very, very sick…having spread the cancers of fear and anger that we carry within our collective conscious, manifesting these diseases in our outer world for all to see. Our outer world is but a mirror of our inner world. And, we are a world of pretenders, a great majority ignoring the pain brought about by unjustness in the world in which we live.’

      This was a paragraph I spoke in one of my posts two years ago.. The post was entitled Treat the Earth and Each Other Well.

      I will now go and read your post Total Plutocracy.. And I agree Plutocracy is running the world .. It seems that the USA has it biggest share according to this Pole..
      Wishing you a good and Peaceful Day and Keep fighting the Good fight.. We are all of us wanting the Human Race to Evolve and Many thanks for our interaction and conversation..

      And thank you Paul for sparking it.. 😀
      Blessings Sue

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