Changing the mathematics of the climate!

An important plea to support a major road tour by the team.

Bill McKibben

There are a number of key players in the movement to arrest the affects of man on the world’s future climate and one of those is Bill McKibben.  His organisation,, has been at the forefront of raising the public’s awareness as to the terrible consequences of not changing our ways pretty damn soon.

As Wikipedia puts it,

William Ernest “Bill” McKibben (born 1960) is an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming. He is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College. In 2010, the Boston Globe called him “probably the nation’s leading environmentalist”  and Time magazine described him as “the world’s best green journalist.”

Anyway, something came in to my ‘in-box’ the other day that I wanted to share with all Learning from Dogs readers.  This is what was said,


The reaction to our announcement of our national “Do the Math” road tour has been utterly pheneomenal.

Case in point: the event in Boston sold out in 24 hours. We’re trying to find another, larger venue to seat everyone, but the main point is this: this tour is going to be huge, and you need to be part of it.

Get your tickets here (, and please do spread the word to everyone you know.

See you on the road,

Bill for the team

P.S. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read our first announcement, I’ve included it below.


Dear Friends,

We’re getting ready for our most ambitious venture yet.

From November 7th to December 3rd, I’ll be on the road, visiting 20 cities in 20 nights (with a few days for travel in between) to help bring together the movement we need to make sure this planet has a future that we can all appreciate.

We’re calling it the Do the Math tour, but it’s not (thank heaven) just going to be me standing in front of a microphone.The goal is to jump-start the kind of movement that I discussed in the article I wrote for Rolling Stone about the scary new math of climate change. We will bring together musicians, artists and voices from across the movement to work together on directly confronting the financial and political might of the fossil fuel industry.

If you are near one of our stops, I want to make sure you’re there with us. You’re exactly the people we need to be there — folks who understand the climate math already, have experience in the movement, and are willing to step up to do more.

Click to check out the tour and RSVP

These events will need to be big, and reach beyond our normal circle of friends. That’s why we need to make sure that everyone knows that something big is underway. Can you take a moment to share the Do the Math tour site with your social networks?

Click to share on Facebook                 Click to share on Twitter

Also, just a heads up — we’re going to be putting together a live web event so that everyone who doesn’t happen to be near a tour stop can still get together and get a campaign started in their community. Our team is still hammering out the details for the exact date and time, but please keep an eye out — we absolutely need you in this fight.

I do a lot of talks to big groups, but this is a new kind of undertaking for me, and for We’re trying to quickly build up some serious momentum, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to make this a very different kind of event.

Not only will we have music and guests like Naomi Klein, Jim Hansen, Desmond Tutu, in person and via video, this event is also the kickoff to some serious organizing in your community. This tour will launch our next big mission — a campaign to directly confront the economic power of the fossil fuel industry. Our message will be crystal clear: it’s not OK to sacrifice our future for the sake of one industry’s bottom line. Divestment is one important tool that we’ll discuss, but we’re ready for many other tactics as well.

Over the past few months our planet gave stark warning signs that humans have never seen before. The Arctic melted, breaking every record. The Great Plains sweltered. The West burned. This roadshow is the next big step — but the price of admission, besides the ticket, is a willingness to really go to work to change the world in the year ahead. That’s why we need you this November.

The stakes have never been this high, and I’ve never been more serious.

Please join us:

–Bill McKibben for

So go across to that Tour site, where you will read this,

On November 7th, we’re hitting the road to jumpstart the next phase of the climate movement.

It’s simple math: we can burn 565 more gigatons of carbon and stay below 2°C of warming — anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. The only problem? Fossil fuel corporations now have 2,795 gigatons in their reserves, five times the safe amount. And they’re planning to burn it all — unless we rise up to stop them.

This November, Bill McKibben and are hitting the road to build the movement that will change the terrifying math of the climate crisis.

and see the link to the Tour locations and dates.


***Click a city to sign up and buy tickets.***

Don’t see your town on the map? You can still get involved by signing up here.


This won’t be your typical lecture.

Each event will be a unique and interactive experience, unlike any talk you’ve been to before. It will pick up where Bill McKibben’s landmark Rolling Stone article left off — and everyone who comes will be asked to join a growing movement that is strong enough to stand up to the fossil fuel industry. Together we’ll mount an unprecedented campaign to cut off the industry’s financial and political support by divesting our schools, churches and government from fossil fuels.

This won’t be easy: we’re up against the most profitable, powerful, and dangerous industry in history. But we have our own currency: creativity, courage and if needed, our bodies.

Never let it be said that we, as in all of us, don’t have the power to change the world.  Oh, and feel free to circulate today’s post.

6 thoughts on “Changing the mathematics of the climate!

  1. The problem is not whether the citizens of the USA believe in anthropogenic climate destruction: they do (except many dedicated right wing extremists who make a business to claim otherwise). The problem is that they do not want to pay for it. Or, at least, not now. USA citizens are used to buy everything on credit.

    USA comfort now is paid in disaster credit tomorrow. That’s the “American Way”.

    That is why Obama, instead of bringing up taxes on energy, right away, gradually, decreed change would happen in 2025 (after the fossil fuel industry has paid him back for giving them Afghanistan, among other efforts). Indeed 2025 is when Obama’s higher gas mileage becomes “mandatory”. California had done this decades ago, several times: make reforms consisting in unreal future gas mileage targets, abrogated later.

    The essential meta message of the American philosophical system is: exploit to the max, address the consequences later, if/when they show up. So far, this has worked… for the USA. If Wyoming, population 600,000, bigger than England, gets fracked out, too bad: Alaska, about as big as Western Europe, could easily accept 100 million people. Especially if it warms up some more, thanks in part to its future gas pipeline (1,500 kilometers long), and drastic climate disaster.


    1. I have no means, based on knowledge of this country (the USA), to say whether you are right, partially right or wrong in your analysis. However, my instinct (superstition? 😉 ) is that your opinions are harsher than will turn out in practice. Easy for me to think this, even easier to set to words, but it is what I believe.

      I have a post coming out next week that includes the recent presentation given by Amory Lovins proposing that the USA will be in energy balance in twenty years time.

      As always, Patrice, your insights are much appreciated and thank you for commenting. Paul


      1. Well, I am not predicting what will happen. I do actually believe that the mandatory 2025 mileage targets will be respected by president Romney (if there is such a thing), or… Clinton.
        I am explaining what has happened, and where the temptation for more comes from. Sure there are positive signs. The USA just added, in less than a year, the capacity of two nuclear reactors as Photo Voltaics (but the wind industry is collapsing… once again). California has taken European like measures against CO2 pollution, presently deployed.

        And of course I would not talk the way I do, if I saw no hope. Although my site is a world site, most of my readership is USA, thus demonstrating that old American (and French!) nerve of patriotism based on being critical of authority.

        A mature democracy is made of critical thinkers producing critical, correct thinking. Whether they, and it, satisfy the powers that be, is neither here, nor there. And the harsher, the better.

        If, instead of the poisonous red herrings of the somewhat despicable Socrates, the Athenian people and plutocracy had been submitted to much more withering, harsher criticism, democracy would have survived, more than 24 centuries ago.


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