Please, please watch this

And I wish I knew what to say…

This is a video that is three years old.

But it is more pertinent today than it was when it was first released.

The video asks ‘… why we never really learnt how to talk about this’.

The video is a little less than ten minutes long so watch it now, with the family as well, if that is appropriate, and perhaps have a discussion afterwards.

Jean and I do not have any answers especially when the news is all about other things.

Yes, we know that the climate is changing but what exactly does that mean is a more difficult question to answer. Mind you there are a growing number of organisations committed to finding answers.

Yes, there are many scientists who have clear opinions on the situation but we need a global movement, NOW, to address this very urgent requirement, and there is no sign that the global community are even talking about climate change let alone doing something.

Please, please watch this:

I would love to hear your thoughts.

37 thoughts on “Please, please watch this

  1. Great video.

    “The idea there’s a sole solution that will save us through the power of Eureka, is seductive.”

    That there sums it up in one sentence.

    And yet today we see how fast tens of billions are funnelled instantly to prop up a bank.

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  2. I only had to watch a minute and felt the fakeness of it. Another segment from mainstream news to scare us to death! I’m not saying we don’t look after our environment… because our leaders and the rich elite have orchestrated this by poisoning our soul and air. What everyone seems to forget is that Earth and Humanity have resources, namely consciousness, to clean up our act, to self heal and act in a caring way to create a harmonious community! But whilst the majority seem to believe what is being told by our governments and rich corporations, change will take longer! AND I mean change that a few of us are making in our life’s, saying no more and focusing on our freedom to be and act as the powerful and loving creator beings we truly are!
    The only answer to this problem is dare to be the change! Dare say no and kick all our leaders out and we start again from the grassroots! Amen! Thanks for your inspirational post❤️

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    1. Thank you, Barbara. I’m interested to hear that you thought primarily it was fake; I guess in the sense of a false forecast. And I agree with you that very few of us are making the changes we are all require. It is such a huge issue that, frankly, it can only be governments and, yes, the rich corporations that can lead this in an effective manner. Dare to change is indeed the message!

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      1. Yes another documentary made to cause psychological fear to the people! To keep us weak, unhappy and consuming their products. Distracting us from homing into person who can be the change! You and me! I came across Miles Mathis who writes about all this and I resonate with most of what he says!
        This is a link to his recent paper sharing how hari kristna is also part of project chaos along with the Beatles!

        Hope you don’t mind me posting this link! Otherwise please feel free to delete❤️

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      2. I have just read, albeit quickly in parts, that Miles Mathis article. In the main I disagree totally with it, and by implication your reply as well. You have to understand that I am an atheist, always have been, plus Christianity is just one religion out of a total of about 400 global faiths. My belief is that death is very scary, almost universally, and that having a ‘heaven’ to go to and then be able to ‘look down’ on the others is very, very comforting. If there were some type of afterlife then why does the deity not involve him or herself in preventing the very worst of the calamities from taking place. Including the most worst of calamities being the very destruction of a large proportion of human life itself. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for us having this conversation. Thank you! 😊

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      3. I always honour each persons perception… it’s what makes us unique! Not sure I understand the jump in subject of the afterlife, but because of human freewill, they have to leave us to make and clear up our own mess! Yes always grateful to conversing with each other! Thankyou❤️


  3. Once upon a time Paul I believed the msm and the so called science.. But having matured in many ways, via my own deep dives with other well known geologists and scientists who have a different conclusion.. We each have to use our own discernment and not just believe what we are being told.. We have to start and fact find.. really fact find ourselves and not those who have an ulterior motive…

    Most of the hype in Climate Change is to create limits on people, less travel, more taxes and 15 minute cities.. ( which you may have heard of which is another arm of Big Brother to curtail movement while taxing fines to get from A to B in a city.. No amount of Monies poured into any thing is going to change a thing.. Unless People Change their consumer habits and ways of living… In this throw away, instant gratification, society.

    We all can do better in helping our environment, I agree.. .. And I think mainly most of us try our best in being Climate friendly in that we try to use less plastic, we recycle and pick up rubbish,.. But this means very little while we have HUGE big business, churning out chemicals that are sprayed on the land, or pumped in the oceans.. Or, belching chimneys in industrial quarters.. Not to mention Geoengineering or better known as ((Stratospheric aerosol injection))… Please look that up Paul, and what they are spraying..

    Climate conservation begins with each of us taking responsibility for our actions.. And as I have grown and evolved over the years Paul, I have also come to understand that those within the corporate world who shout the loudest for the little person like you and I to change… Live exactly as they wish.. Flying in private jets and their large limousines…

    For an example.. Our own New unelected by the people, PM Rishi Sunak’s new swimming pool used up so much energy, that the local electricity network had to be upgraded to accommodate and meet his power needs.. (( The Guardian News Paper.. ))
    While Local Public swimming pools run by our local councils in other area’s are shutting down because they cannot afford the heating costs..

    Let’s Hope people begin to wake up to the propaganda and agenda of the World governments particularly the WEF… Where we will own nothing and eat bugs and be happy!!.. I look forward to that day Paul when People wake up to what is occurring and see through the Brain Washing which I feel this video was attempting to do…
    As they start to take full responsibility for their actions …

    This subject as you can see I am passionate about… in that I care for the environment.. But I do not believe that the world is going to end … If you read Gregg Braden’s findings on Historic Co2 emissions you will see why. We have had higher levels way, way back in history taken in the ice core samples..
    We cannot survive in Zero Co2… its impossible… and real science knows it.

    I agree with what Barbara has said in an earlier comment Paul, :-
    “Humanity have resources, namely consciousness, to clean up our act, to self heal and act in a caring way to create a harmonious community! ”

    Its up to each of us which Timeline we choose… …

    Sorry Paul… but you did ask for our thoughts! Lol 🙂 🙂 ❤

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    1. Sue, I copied your comment to send to my family. I’m glad that Paul brought up the topic and wanted followers to make comments. Yours and a few others made sense. We’re dealing with a huge issue in CA., the worst electric & gas price hikes in the US. It’s not answering the climate change issue. Big business profits from the little people’s problems. They still have their luxuries while we struggle to pay the bills. Meanwhile, we little people recycle, and take care of our environments. Hoping our efforts help. 🏖️🎶🌤️ Christine

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      1. Thank you, Christine. I’m pleased my comment made sense to you.

        Until the world changes its consumerism habits, nothing will change big business..
        Industry, especially in certain countries, belch out pollutants. Ignoring the Co2 levels. ( Which, again, if researched in depth, are being used as a means to an end. ).

        When officialdom start riding their bikes and fly economy , it will be the day I take more notice. But they know its an agenda.
        Programming us all.

        Good luck in convincing your family. 💜

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      2. I read that about England. The power grid in CA can’t handle changing cars and gas stoves, etc to electric. Something’s wrong with the bureaucrats thinking. But, do they care with record profits. And CA is pushing free solar. Checking into this, nothing is free! 😳😒

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      3. I’m aware this is Paul’s thread but agree same here in England infrastructures not in place for all electric. Even wind farm turbines are using diesel generators on windless days. It’s upside-down crazy.

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      4. Christine, there are many, many ways in which the wealthy people go their own way and do not contribute to any form of solution. Yes, I heard about the Californian energy prices and how they affect the ‘little’ people. It’s a very complex affair with so many ‘irons in the fire’. I can raise the questions but I can’t propose a decent solution. Wish I could!

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      5. Thank you, Paul. Apparently the SDG&E energy company is being investigated by our governor. Which may help, and may not. It is very complex and it’s good we don’t have freezing weather. My thermostat is set at 66 degrees. Wish we had an answer, instead of more information explaining why there are high prices and what “needs to be fixed.” ☹️


      6. I totally agree with you, Christine. I hate being a ‘I don’t know what to do’ person but that is the truth. I am getting to the final stage of one’s life (being 78) but what I find hard is drawing back my interest in the big issues. I have to care for Jeannie and our dogs and we must make it a priority to focus on the smaller issues; unfortunately.

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      7. I’m with you, Paul. I’m 83 and have young Border Aussie dogs and a Vietnam Vet to think about and care for. And there’s the second work-progress book. My total involvement in global issues is probably not enough to make any impact, unfortunately. ☹️ Christine


      8. I had no idea that you were that age. It certainly does not come across in the interest and involvement in things. Forgive me if I have asked you before about you and your lovely dogs but would you like to write a guest post for LfD. (Hopefully my first time of asking?)

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      9. No worries, Paul. I’m lucky not to look or act my age. My imaginative mind, still working 100%, will not stop writing books. And no you’ve never asked me to write a guest post for LfD. What are the guidelines? 📚🎶


      10. There are no guidelines except to write about your dogs, in one form or another, and also to include photographs, and then to send the file, ideally compatible with a Mac (but I can handle the file if you ware Windows-based). The file should be sent to paulhandover(at sign)

        That would be terrific!

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      11. That’s sounds doable. And it’s a different story with these ranch raised pups. They were 5 months old. We got them two weeks after our two older dogs were euthanized. Our vet said that we were crazy, but she had a big smile on her face. We really had a brain lapse what it was like with puppies. Thank goodness for duct tape to hold the couch cushions together, and for metal fencing to keep them out of target chewing areas. Laughing now that they are 19 months old, and we have an amazing dog trainer. I’ll work on a blog post. I have a Mac and work in Word docs. Give me a week or so. Thanks, Paul. 📚🎶


    2. Dear Sue, what a wonderful, detailed reply; I love it! You are more involved in all the details than I. We live on our 13 acres and try to have a peaceful life. We are not heavy users of energy, we are an all-electric house, and have a solar panel to offset the cost of our electricity bills. But I am conscious that more could be done, especially if we were younger. But thank you for engaging in the debate!

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      1. No, thank you Paul it is an important debate, one that will hold more meaning in our future.

        Especially when people realise how suppressed cleaner and cheaper energy has been hidden from us. But all will be revealed in good time. As more and more reveals worldwide, begin to surface.

        Much love to you and Jean Paul . Take care x x 💜


  4. In the past, more than a decade ago, I was a climate skeptic. However, being an electrical engineer and an engineering physicist I decided to take a deep dive into the topic and try to understand the science better including reading research articles and talking to experts. Just like the vast majority of scientists in the area are saying, we are changing/warming the climate dangerously, primarily with our carbon emissions and we have known this with certainty for a very long time, several decades.

    Unfortunately some people have been fooled by fossil fuel industry propaganda. Luckily they are becoming fewer and fewer. Now the rest of us need to start ignoring those and do our best to work for safe future for our children. I personally joined an organization called Citizens Climate Lobby. All my dogs approved.

    Thank you for an interesting video.

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      1. Thank you Paul. Citizens Climate Lobby is bipartisan and they promote bipartisan and practical solutions. Here in the US it means solutions both Democrats and Republicans can accept. But CCL is international and I am pretty sure they exist in Britain too. This is their website:

        Due to my past strong support for the Texas Republican Party I’ve been given the task of being the liaison to Senator Ted Cruz office (and other ultra conservative offices) and not even they are denying the facts anymore. It’s time to focus on solutions.

        By the way, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but today I finally got around to buying your book. I am looking forward to reading it.

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