Still uncertain!

Just a brief update!

Rum Creek fire two days ago.

We have had gentle winds for Tuesday and Wednesday and there is good progress on the curtailment. So long as we don’t get more winds in the next 24 hours (writing this yesterday morning) then the firefighters will be able to keep up the good work.

The smoke has been bad and the whole area of Merlin and Grants Pass is affected.

But hopefully conditions will improve later on Thursday and more so on Friday.

The fire update, released around 10am yesterday, says:

MERLIN, Ore. – Overnight, the Rum Creek Fire pushed across the line on the east side of the fire near McKnabe Creek, burning several hundred acres. Resources are being shifted to this area to corral the slop-over and establish new control lines. An increase in fire activity is expected through Friday as the weather shifts to a hotter, drier pattern. Inversions are expected to lift earlier in the day, increasing temperatures and winds while reducing relative humidity.  

As of early this morning, the fire was already burning actively on the ridges. Firefighters are expecting potential spot fires, and have shifted resources to continue alternate contingency fire lines to the east.

Last night firefighters successfully conducted burnouts on the south edge of the fire near Taylor Creek, eliminating remaining fuels between the control lines and the fire’s edge. Today, they will work to secure the southeast corner of the fire working toward the north. Hose lays and pumps have been set up along many control lines, including those constructed near Stratton Creek.

On the west edge of the fire, burnout operations near Mount Peavine and the 34 road have secured more of the western edge, and crews built line from Taylor Gulch toward Chrome Ridge. Today, fire personnel will tie the line from Chrome Ridge north to Bear Gulch, and are working near Ridge Gulch. North of the Rogue River, the line tying to the Dad Creek Fire scar is expected to be completed today.

Firefighters working with the OSFM are assisting with active fire suppression as needed. They are also extinguishing all remanent heat spots found within 100 feet of buildings, and continuing to assess structures. Also they are making preparations to include clearing brush and installing sprinklers, to further develop structure protection.

It is starting to look as though an evacuation for us at Hugo Road is more and more unlikely.

23 thoughts on “Still uncertain!

      1. Not fun at all! The challenge is, Bela, knowing when to take things seriously and when not. The local media haven’t been that good but the professional reporting sites have been excellent.

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    1. Well we packed all the essential items last Sunday and if push came to shove then we would all go to Jim & Janet’s home in Roseburg because we could all stay together; as in with the dogs. It is an hour north of us. The horses are free to roam in a large open field and they have plenty of water. Then I would come back to Merlin to ascertain if the house was burnt and were the horses alright. Our farrier knows people who will come with a horse trailer and move them to safer ground. That’s about the size of the plan.

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  1. Paul, glad to read comments and your evacuation plan. Hope it doesn’t get to that though. Cover your nose/mouth anyway. I’d use a respirator mask outside. Stay safe. 🙏🎶 Christine


  2. Since I live on the same street you do I have been so concerned that I had moved by livestock off my property. I hope you’re right about not having to evacuate because I brought my animals back home yesterday. Take good care of yourselves and continue to believe that we’re not in danger. I appreciate your optimism because it reminds me to look for the best case scenario.


    1. Sue, I honestly don’t know what the wildlife does in these circumstances. But I guess it sorts itself out. I am amazed with how the birds here at home seem unfazed by the often thick smoke. Thank you for your thoughts! ❤️ in return.

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