Just one of those days!

There is no post for today!

Although I admit that having this come out at the usual time for a Tuesday rather flies in the face of that sub-heading!

But on Sunday evening Merlin was placed in the first zone of the evacuation instructions. This follows the rapidly expanding Rum Creek Fire that is just West of us. Depending on what defines as the actual location of the fire we are anything from 5 to 9 miles away. Our home is on Hugo Road, Merlin.

3-D map of the Rum Creek Fire, looking south-southwest at 9:45 p.m. Aug. 28, 2022.

The Rum Creek Fire 14 miles northwest of Grants Pass, Oregon has grown to 10,709 acres since it started from lightning on August 17. The fire is burning in very steep, remote, rugged terrain on both sides of the Rogue River. It has spread upriver to Galice and east to Stratton Creek. Spot fires have occurred two miles down range.

(Copied from Wildfire Today.)

So there you are!

11 thoughts on “Just one of those days!

    1. Thank you, Christine. A little bit earlier in a conversation with Jim and Janet on the phone, great friends of ours now living in Roseburg (they used to live just around the corner here on Hugo Rd, Jim invited us to stay with them if it came to that. That means we are not separated from the dogs!

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  1. I’m late here but checking to see what the conditions are today. I’ve been through an evacuation but didn’t have but one animal to transport. My guess is that you have a whole lot on your mind right now and all I can do is say secular prayers that it misses you. Keeping good thoughts.


    1. Marlene, it appears to be less smoky today but whether that is just the vagary of the wind or a definite improvement in things I yet to find out. We have been out to the Club Northwest and just had lunch. My next step will be to take a look at the website. We are still packed to go but my sense is that tomorrow afternoon we can put our things back in their rightful place. Thank goodness for you and the many kind friends to be concerned. Love and best wishes!

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