Picture Parade Four Hundred and Thirty-Seven

We wanted to recognise the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

So I thought that I would find some photos of the Queen’s corgis that I could share with you. Unfortunately all the photographs were copyrighted.

It is a well-known fact that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a dog lover and has been all her long life. There is a delightful story about the Queen and her corgis on the BBC at this moment and you may like to read it. Meanwhile today’s picture parade is all Corgis!








That’s it folks for another week.

I will close by thanking Her Majesty for all that she done over the years. Her Majesty gave her promise when she was 21 to devote her life to the Crown and all that flows from that commitment. Whatever her private thoughts have been over the years she has remained loyal to the Nation and the Commonwealth and it is an unparalleled record that will never be surpassed!

A final photograph of Queen Elizabeth II that is attributed to the author, see below, and I hope it is alright to show it.

By Original: Joel Rouse/ Ministry of Defence

8 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Thirty-Seven

  1. Oh aren’t those corgis just gorgeous! Wonderful photographs too. And Her Majesty is and has always been so photographic. I read that she likes to wear bright colours so that people can readily see her from a distance. The Queen, of course, is my Queen too (being an Australian).


    1. Thank you, Margaret. We totally agree with you and the last four days have been so special. How have the Aussies celebrated the Queen’s Platinum anniversary? Is there a strong following down under?


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