Rafting the Rogue River, Part Two

Continuing our journey downstream the Rogue River.

Now we are rafting!

Fairly quickly we pass under Robertson Bridge.

In fact there are two bridges; the old metal one and the modern concrete one.

But way on top of the metal bridge is an osprey’s nest.

We continue.

The river, flowing at 2,800 cubic feet per second we are told, flows into the gorge.

Behind us are the two kayaks. The one on the left is permanently manned by Christian, one of the guides, and the other one is available for anyone who wants to have a go.

Deeper into the gorge we go.

It is wild country.

We pass an old pump that some years ago was displaced by a flooding Rogue!

And as the gorge narrows the flow of the river becomes more agitated and the start of the white-water section beckons.

The final post tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Rafting the Rogue River, Part Two

    1. Glad you are enjoying our trip, Susan. Yes, Oregon is a very interesting, rural State. We love living here albeit it’s not ‘a walk in the park’. We have a rat infestation here at home that, at present, is beating the pest control people! Ah well!

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      1. Rural life, lol. I lived in rural MD for a bit. I loved having deer in my backyard.


  1. Have you ever taken a JetBoat trip on the Rogue? Those are great! I sure liked southern Oregon during the many years I had the pleasure to live there…but the heat…well, that’s another story. Good to see you out on the water enjoying yourselves! Hope you have a ‘pool’ for the pups….?


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