This is the essence of the man-dog relationship

A recent story from The Dodo.

This is so good. As good as it gets. It’s the account of a man and his dog who don’t have second thoughts in rescuing two elderly Labradors.

But let the story speak for itself.


Man And His Dog Leap Into Water To Save Pups Trapped In Icy Lake

“I knew she was going to follow me. We were going to do it together.”

PUBLISHED ON 03/14/2019

Since meeting one another last year, Timofey Yuriev and his faithful dog Kira have been inseparable companions. Indeed, the happy duo do just about everything together.

And that includes saving lives.

Photo Credit: Timofey Yuriev

Last Saturday, Yuriev, his wife and Kira headed out for a sunset stroll around an ice-covered lake near their home in New York. It’s a tranquil spot, but on this chilly early evening, the quiet, peaceful air was shattered by the sound of a tragedy unfolding.

“We heard a woman screaming something across the lake, so we went to see what was happening,” Yuriev told The Dodo. “Her two old Labradors were crossing the lake, when they got to a spot where the ice is much thinner. One fell in, then the second. They tried to climb out but they couldn’t.”

Photo Credit: Timofey Yuriev

Yuriev watched as the dogs’ energy was quickly sapped by the freezing water — and he knew time was of the essence.

Having experience swimming in icy waters, Yuriev decided to take the plunge in order to save the two dogs himself — but he was not alone.

After Yuriev undressed and leapt into the freezing lake, he looked and saw Kira by his side entering the water as well to lend him her paw in the rescue effort.

“I knew she was going to follow me,” Yuriev said. “We were going to do it together.”

Here’s video taken by Yuriev’s wife showing him and Kira reaching the nearest dog first:

“She was great moral support; I was not alone,” Yuriev said. “There was my little helper.”

After leading the first dog safely to the shore, Yuriev and Kira headed out for the second:

“She came to each dog and touched them with her nose, then helped guide them back.”

Once back on dry land, both of the rescued dogs were frazzled but in good health.

Yuriev and Kira had saved the day.

“The owner, of course, was in tears,” Yuriev said. “She was so thankful.”

Photo Credit: Timofey Yuriev

Kira has always been a kindhearted and intelligent dog, able to assess situations and sense when she’s needed.

And on this day, it was clear for all to see.

Timofey Yuriev

“We told her that she’s a dog-saving dog. I’m sure she understood that something was happening. She could see the dogs were in distress. I’m positive about it,” Yuriev said, adding that he’s just happy they were able to help.

“It was pure luck that we were at that place at that time. It was like the universe smiled at us.”


This is a glorious post that was taken from here.

I have said it before and no doubt I shall repeat this many times more: Dogs are the most special creature going!

29 thoughts on “This is the essence of the man-dog relationship

  1. Yes, the essence of the man-dog relationship. Coincidentally, I was just listening to a recent podcast from This American Life about a man who put his own life in great danger when he rescued his pet Labrador from the ice. Luck intervened again and fortunately there was a good outcome for both. (first 11 minutes)


  2. Wow, Paul this is an awesome and kindhearted story and what a dog to run with his owner and save the two Labradors. Too good and nice to hear that they are doing so with many others lives. Thanks for the wonderful share and pictures too.


      1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your words dear Paul and what an awesome service of just giving joy and life to our beloved dogs. My amber our golden retriever is a darling.


  3. Such a wonderful story Paul. So many kind hearts who put themselves in danger for others. Seeing both of them swim out to rescue these dogs not once but twice. So pleased they were there at just the right time 😁


  4. I absolutely love this story. Not everyone is a dog person, but when you get it you get it. My dog is my best friend and a registered ESA. Our bond is beyond words. Thank you for sharing such a heart -warming story.


    1. Thank you! And a very warm welcome to this place and we hope to see you again soon. Clearly I can’t name you but that is your prerogative. However, you are a caring individual who loves your dog. That makes you special also beyond words! My absolute pleasure and give your dog a loving hug from Jeannie and me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. good point on the name! It was a pain growing up with those initials lol. I changed it to my nickname ☺️


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