Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty

The final photographs sent to me by Dan Gomez.




That last one really does get to the essence of what having a dog in one’s life truly means.

You all have a wonderful week!

Finally, thank you Dan!


4 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty

  1. All of these are so true. Thanks Dan. Those Labrador puppies are so gorgeous- I’d choose the one second from the left with the yellow bandana. Not that I will ever have any puppies again. At 64 one never knows how long one will live. So, once either or both of my 2 current dogs pass away, I’ll only be taking on old dogs. They have their own very special appeal.


    1. Marg, please don’t write yourself off at your age! I can give you 9 years and I have no plans to push up daisies for a while. But agree with you about taking on older dogs. Albeit, flying in the face of tomorrow’s blog post!

      Stay young in heart my lovely ‘down under’ friend! 😍


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