More tips for healthy dogs

Another interesting article from Susan Combs.

It’s self-explanatory and needs no further introduction from me save to say that this is the third guest post from Susan.


Four Essential Tips to Make Your Dog Healthy and Active Round the Year

(Susan asked me to remove her article. The background to that decision may be read in my post of the 25th May, 2018: Living and Learning.)


Susan also included the following graphic that I will leave you with.

We all love our dogs too much to take any risks with them!

11 thoughts on “More tips for healthy dogs

  1. That Heartworm graphic is so important for dog owners to understand. There still seems to be a prevalence of “My dog won’t get heartworm.” Ray tested positive for Stage 2 Heartworm on his first check-up after we adopted him. Close to 12 months, and $3,000.00Cdn later, he tested clear. It is also worth stressing that the heartworm treatment procedure can kill the dog, typically due to congestive heart failure.
    In summary, the treatment period is long and very demanding on both the dog and its owners; it is very expensive to treat; the dog may not survive the program …… and all this from one mosquito bite! Prevention is far less expensive, and there is minimal risk of any sort. The decision should really be a “no brainer”!


    1. Colin, the points you make and the example of Ray’s treatment programme are invaluable. Fingers crossed many others read your response.

      We do treat our dogs, as a matter of course.


      1. We have also had Ray on preventive programs once his condition had been treated. Some people will balk at the nominal cost of preventive treatment, but it pales by comparison with the cost of treating a heartworm condition … as the figures in my original comments will show.


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