And I am not speaking of things that go bump in the night!

I switched from being a Microsoft Windows user to a Mac some time ago.

Apple products are not the cheapest by a very long shot but their operating systems are fabulous. So it was natural to follow-up having an iMac by getting myself an iPAD.

Not too many months ago I came across an application for the Apple Mac and iPAD that is called Things. As the website explains:

Things is the award-winning personal task manager that helps you achieve your goals.

This all-new version has been rethought from the ground up: it’s got an all-new design, delightful new interactions, and powerful new features.

I started off getting to know the app on the Mac and very quickly found it so useful and with such a clear and intuitive ‘user interface’ that I downloaded the version for the iPAD.

Here’s the little intro video that is on the Things website (and, please, understand that this review of this app is purely because of my own personal experience and has no connection whatsoever with the firm).

So if you are finding that keeping track of your to-do lists is becoming a bit of a headache and you are a MAC or iOS user, as in Apple MAC, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, then I really do recommend taking a closer look. Done so easily by looking at the features in the all-new Things!

Plus, the Things team offer great support!

For as Henry Ford is reputed to have said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” (Thanks BrainyQuote.)

UPDATE: In the last 72 hours I received a newly-ordered iPhone and Apple Watch. The iPhone has had the Things 3 application installed upon it and, hey presto!, my watch now reminds me of the things coming up; even when the phone is some distance away from where I am. Plus it does tell the time rather accurately!!

19 thoughts on “Things!

  1. Congrats on enjoying your Apple products. As an Apple fanboy since the 1980’s I welcome you. I just upgraded my original Apple Watch to the Series 3. Love the way it helps me keep trace of my exercise. Enjoy!


    1. Tony, that’s wonderful. I went straight in to the iPhone X and the Series 3 GPS/cellular, on the advice of the local US Cellular dealer. Love the iPhone interface as it is so similar to the iPad. Was just showing Jeannie the similarity between them.

      Yes, I switched from Windows to Apple some 5 years ago, aided and abetted by Dan Gomez, a lifelong Apple fan, and have never looked back!

      But very happy to receive any tips or advice you may have!! 😎

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      1. As an Apple guy, I have to admit that I chickened out on the iPHone X. I felt it was close to a version 1.0 which the company was going to let the customers find the bugs. I have the 8plus phone. At theApple store near me, they said that if you buy the X, they recommend that you buy the insurance ($250/yr) because the phone is made of glass and if you drop it you will need to buy a new one. That was another reason I backed off the X. Otherwise, I hear the facial recognition is superb as is the camera. I trust you are recovered from your bike mishap.


      2. Fair point about the insurance. Might look into that. But I did purchase a case. Yes, that facial ID system is excellent. Thank you for asking after me following my bike accident. At the checkup in early February the surgeon, Dr. Kokkino, said I was physically fully recovered but that I should expect my brain healing to take six months! In other words, not to panic if I experience ‘funnies’ for many months. (What a grand excuse that gives me!)

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  2. Dear Paul: This sounds a bit like a panegyric to Apple, Inc! 😉 Some expect Apple to become the first trillion dollar corporation (in market value). Kudos to the giant tech monopolies! say those whose (materially winning) morality is just the win.
    However winners can profit from self-feeding exponential effects, the phenomenon at the root of plutocracy: the more power one has, the easier it is, to get even more. However, too much power in too few hands is intrinsically inhuman. Indeed, prehistoric humans didn’t live, and thus didn’t evolve, that way. And too much inhumanity is intrinsically evil.

    I believe that open products, such as the open source model is superior than being dependent upon a particular corporation. The open-source model is a decentralized software-development model that encourages open collaboration. A main principle of open-source software development is peer production, with products such as source code, blueprints, and documentation freely available to the public.
    Open societies are better than too much power in too few hands, as Pericles and philosophers around him pointed out, 25 centuries ago.
    Be it only because too much power in too few hands kills innovation, democracy, justice, equality, hope, civilization, the climate and coast lines.

    The monopolistic tech economy which has developed in recent years is a disaster both for innovation, democracy, morality or even cognition. I still own an old Mac, but I practice the open economy, open tech, with a way better laptop than any Apple sells, etc. Please excuse my negativity, but I have seen a Fed judge pass an outrageously biased, pro-monopolistic tech judgment at 11 am, resign at noon, and accept a 5 million dollars payment from Facebook at 2 pm… (I can hear the powers that be applaud in the distance…)


  3. A bit more context: Long ago, when Steve Jobs had his own computer company (after being fired from Apple, and before being re-hired!) I bought one of his (very expensive) state of the art computers. Still have it. Also owned ipads… So I am not anti-Jobs or anti-Apple, by any means.


    1. Patrice, if I was a younger man with a quicker brain I would be doing exactly the same. There’s nothing that you say that I would disagree with. Indeed, back in the early days of me forming Dataview Ltd. in 1978, I was shown the first release of Linux and later supported a colleague, Roger Davis, in setting up an associate company, Dataview Systems Ltd., to sell systems a few of which were composed of hardware running Linux.

      But the old adage: Power tends to Corrupt; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, is more relevant today than ever before. Period!


  4. Technology at its best 🙂 Sounds to be a useful tool.. and wonderful to be using my own technology again to catch up with my favourite friends..
    Thank you Paul and Jean for the lovely thoughts you sent me, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears to read your responses..
    And its lovely to be here again, and I am so grateful to have your wonderful friendship..
    Many thanks for your kindness you have shown Paul
    Wishing both you and Jeanie a wonderful Easter Weekend..
    Love and HUGS to you both..
    Sue 🙂


  5. Things seems like something I need to check out. I had the original “beta” watch and loved it. Received an S1 as gift from employer for years of service (35) and I love both of them. I’ve been using the Reminders app a lot but I like the listing capabilities on Things also. Notability is a good on especially if you want to write with the Apple Pencil which I use often. Thanks and hope you enjoyed the updates about the watch at the WWDC Apple conference today. 📱👩🏻‍💻⌚️


    1. Debbie, a very warm welcome to you and thanks for your contribution. Not familiar with Notability nor the Apple Pencil but I will look at those before too long. Still learning how to use the Nikon camera!

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      1. Thank you Paul for the welcome. I’ve only started my blog mid-May. I wanted to tell you if you like listening to Podcasts, my favorite for the watch is Apple WatchCast. Three guys who really know about the watch, but it’s like a conversation with friends. The Apple Pencil is for the iPad only for now, but I think new versions, I’m not sure about that. It’s fun but I think artistic people may get more use out of it, or someone who is drafting for engineering. Have a great week!


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