Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-Six

A pictorial account of our recent trip to Klamath Falls and Crater Lake.

Last Satuday, the day we drove from home up to Klamath Falls to meet up with Andy and Trish.

On the road to the high country.


Reading a little about the geology of the area.


Looking dowm on Upper Klamath Lake


Then ten minutes later alongside Upper Klamath Lake itself.


To the South-East of the lake lay the city of Klamath Falls.


Blast! Didn’t bring any food for the wild deer!


We decided to eat in the first night. Jeannie and Trish doing the honours!


Andy looking on while Jean and Trish chit-chat.


Outside the trees spoke about the weather we would be experiencing tomorrow.

Our trip to Crater Lake would be tomorrow’s event; as in last Sunday. More photographs for you in a week’s time!

18 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-Six

  1. I’m quite envious of your visits to places I would love to see. Thanks for taking us along. What do you feed wild deer? I’ve always wanted to know. Have a wonderfilled week.


    1. Don’t be envious! Please! To a great degree that’s why I share these experiences with you and everyone else.

      Re what we feed the wild deer, we use a product called COB. That is an acronym for Corn, Oats, Barley. It also has some Molasses in the mix. Here’s the link to that product from our local Grange Coop store: https://shop.grangecoop.com/products/rogue-quality-feeds-c-o-b–corn—oats—barley-and-molasses-50lb-65354.html#.WrkcyGaZM8Y

      Some mornings we have a dozen deer that feed on it. I put down about a bucket-load each morning when I go out to feed the horses.

      Finally, thank you for your kind wishes. Please, the same to you!!

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