Dogs and Mud

Have a wonderful day all of you!

The post on Thursday exploring why dogs like to roll in smelly things prompted me to see what I could find on YouTube.

I found this one!

Now if that doesn’t win the prize for the best dog rolling in mud award then I don’t know what would.

But in my search on YouTube, I also came across the following that was too delightful not to include in today’s post.

Fondest wishes to you all.

13 thoughts on “Dogs and Mud

  1. That dog would take a lot of washing. But which is worse – rolling in mud or rolling in the remains of some dead animal? The worse in my experience is dead reptile. My Jack Russell x rolled in a decomposing blue tongue lizard and the smell was unbelievable – even after two thorough baths, the smell molecules lingered. At least, we don’t have skunks here in Australia, which I believe are pretty bad.


    1. Now that I think about, there was a terrible odor coming from the Pacific a little while ago! 😍 Seriously, that must have been awful.

      Yes, we have skunks on our property and at times their calling card is unmistakable! The dogs find the scent fascinating!


  2. Terrific shares, Paul. My lab hated heat so to cool herself off, sometimes she would dig a hole & lay in it. Dogs are endlessly fascinating. Personally, I could do without a mud bath. 😉


  3. I have never seen a dog enjoy a mud bath like that! Fascinating as well as HILARIOUS!! The little boy and his dog were too adorable for expression. What a patient, wonderful dog! Loved these, thank you. Have a great Memorial weekend.


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