Picture Parade One Hundred and Ninety-Seven

Continuing with Janet’s wonderful pictures.

(The last set from Janet were published a fortnight ago.)








Going to round off today’s picture parade with a photograph of our growing Canadian geese goslings. The photograph was taken at 7:30pm two evenings ago. I would imagine that we aren’t that far off them all taking to the wing!

10 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Ninety-Seven

    1. Yes, they seem to be close to adulthood. I have been trying to take photos of them closer in but not a chance. The parents shuffle their goslings around the field faster than I can approach them. Plus, I don’t want to freak them out.

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  1. I’m behind and never seem to be able to catch up but these were a pleasure this morning. I have never seen a photo of the fuzzy purple bird. The rabbit with such long ears was so fun as well. The rest are just heart warming. I would probably spend hours watching the goslings as well. Thanks for sharing these.


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