The aesthetic beauty of mathematics!

Sorry! Did you say the beauty of mathematics?

Those of you that read this blog fairly regularly know that from time to time I drift away from all things dog and potter in the garden of simply fascinating ideas.

Such is the case today.

It is an article on mathematics that was sent to me by Jim Goodbrod. He had read it in The New York Times in April.

Read it and see if you, too, find it as fascinating as I did!


The World’s Most Beautiful Mathematical Equation

33 thoughts on “The aesthetic beauty of mathematics!

  1. Very nice! I have always considered myself as standing in the doorway of math. Enjoyed arithmetical computations as a kid, loved plane geometry in high school. But got lost in the depth of real statistical analysis. That was the stuff that convinced me math wasn’t my field. Nonetheless, in writing about markets over the years for Reuters, I did get to know and enjoy the Fibonacci Progression and the Golden Mean. I did Sudokus for while, but had to quit because filling in the little boxes was too painful for the arthritis in my hands. Thanks for the fun read!


    1. Tony, you lift the lid on what sounded like an interesting occupation. Can’t resist asking if it has left you with a greater insight into the behavior of said markets than the average person?

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      1. Absolutely. I wrote about markets for 20 years for Reuters. When I left them I taught Journalism for a while, then worked for a philanthropy writing in their investment department. I moved from there to managing their bond investments. It’s like writing about a sport for 20 years and then being asked to come play. It was great.


      2. How very interesting! I stumbled into journalism when I was living in Australia in 1968-1969. Working freelance for the Finnish magazine KotiPosti. Certain that’s where my love of writing was born.

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      3. I stumbled into journalism, too. I took a finance degree expecting to go into commerce, but always loved reading and writing. I actually wrote for men’s magazines for the first five years of my career. Became a ‘journalist’ after that. It’s all writing, though. Funny how life works out. Now I am a health writer and that is my life, only for the past seven plus years since starting the blog.


  2. I was never the brightest spark at school when it came to Maths Paul.. In fact I was considered quite dim.. But managed never to come bottom.. 😉
    Maths is fascinating and Did you get to see the film.. Hidden Figures? about the woman who helped put rockets and men in space and bring them back safely through their shear genius in Maths.. Great film..
    When you look around in Nature.. Everything is Maths.. An interesting article I am sure will find of interest is here on the BBC website 🙂 Natures hidden Prime Number Code.. 🙂
    Thanks Paul for making my grey matter work today.. 🙂


    1. Hadn’t even heard about that film! (Must get out more!) But a quick search showed it was released just last December. One to watch fairly soon me thinks.

      Then your link to that BBC News item – fascinating. So much to learn. So little time!

      Sue, what a fabulous contribution from you. Thank you!

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      1. 🙂 we try to see a film now once a month of one of our choosing at the cinema.. Its amazing what you can fit in as we get older.. One wonders how we ever found time to work a full time job. 😉


      2. Or stay on top of 13 acres, a decent sized house and look after 18 animals, not counting the deer, write a blog, and endless other things! And fib! Because we don’t stay on top of it all!

        I was always told that these are going to be the quieter end times of our lives!! Fat chance!

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      3. Not at all! (Just crossed my mind as to whether you and your husband ever make it across to the West? For if you did, we could offer you a nice English cup of tea! 😍 )

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      4. Bless you both Paul and Jean.. 🙂 That is a most generous offer.. One should never pass up the chance of a cuppa.. 🙂 At the moment we have not got our flying Wings on.. 🙂 Preferring to explore more of the UK these past couple of years.. And Scotland beckons to us next week.. 😉 So Haggis is on the menu .. 🙂 and no doubt a wee dram for Hubby.. 🙂 😉 But if ever I should be in your neck of the woods Paul.. I will be sure to let you and Jean know to put the Kettle on.. 😉 ❤ Many thanks


      5. I did indeed Paul and I so thank you both for that gracious offer my friend.. 🙂 You do not know what that means… So thank you so much again my friends.. You are both indeed very dear to me.. 🙂


  3. I actually did a semester on Sacred Geometry in college. I also love Physics, esp the quantum variety. Have you read Loren Eisley’s “Star Thrower?” I bet you’d love his writing, if you haven’t run across it. I’m a straight-up liberal arts person, but I do love the elegance of math.


      1. Oh, he’s wonderful. He has written many interesting books, but Star Thrower remains my favorite 😉 Also and surely you know of Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics? xoxoxo


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