One is never alone with a dog!

Breaking the spell of loneliness!

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

Those words above are attributed to Mother Teresa and I have no reason to doubt that.

George Monbiot

I selected them because they seemed to capture the mood that flowed out at me from a recent essay by George Monbiot.

Many will know George for he is a British writer very well-known for his environmental and political activism. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, and is the author of a number of books.

Way back in the early days of this blog I was moved to republish some of GM’s essays and sought his permission to do just that. He responded promptly giving me blanket permission to republish any of his essays.

Now it’s a long time since I have availed myself of that permission for the simple reason that so very often George writes about matters that are tough to read and I choose not to share with you because there’s no shortage of tough commentaries about today’s world. That’s no criticism, actual or implied, into George Monbiot’s integrity as a reporter and writer.

But his essay that was published on the 4th October is one that does need to be shared with you.

Read it!


Social Harmony

8 thoughts on “One is never alone with a dog!

  1. Loneliness will kill a person or cause serious illness. One thing that I know is that having a pet in one’s life gives meaning and purpose to one’s existence. I am surrounded by my cats and dogs. My home never feels empty and I never feel lonely. Yes, they are lots of work but my pets give me a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment. They make me happy.


  2. I agree with petspeopleandlife. My dogs have always been an important part of my life. When I was living alone in California and going through a rough period, my Rhodesian Ridgeback was a comfort to me. They are lots of work but they are definitely worth it! 🙂


  3. What a wonderful post Paul, Since you started posting some of George Monibot’s essays I subscribed to his website and enjoy what he writes. So this collaboration on such a worth while project is excellent.. I had not heard of Ewan McLennan before, But after listening to the video see just how wonderful both talents have merged.
    And I am sure their tour will be a huge success.. 🙂 And yes of course to your last paragraph.. Dogs are wonderful companions to help keep that loneliness at bay..


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