Let’s hear if for these kittens.

What an amazing rescue!

As many of you know, I subscribe to the Mother Nature Network service and frequently share items from MNN here.

Today is no exception:


Newborn kittens rescued from dry-cleaning machine in London

Animal rescuers dismantled the dryer to find the crying kittens.

Jenn Savedge
October 4, 2016

These four kittens were rescued and reunited with their mother. (Photo: Celia Hammond/Facebook)

The owner of a dry-cleaning shop got a surprise recently when he heard crying and mewing from the back of one of his machines. Fortunately, this on-the-ball dry-cleaner called an animal rescue squad who rescued the four small kittens and reunited them with their mother.

According to the BBC , the dry cleaning shop where the kittens were found is located in Forest Gate, a residential suburb of London. The shop owner called animal rescuers from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, a local animal rescue center, to help identify the source of the sounds.

Rescuers dismantled the tumble dryer where the noises were coming from and found four small ginger kittens inside. They also located the kittens’ mother when they noticed a distressed cat pacing outside the shop.

The shop owner told rescuers that a nearby resident had moved and left the pregnant cat behind. That poor distressed mama clearly needed a warm, dry place to give birth and she found it inside the dry-cleaning tumble machine.

One of the animal rescuers noted on their Facebook page that the kittens were in bad shape when they were found, “[w]hen we picked them up they were filthy, covered in grease and dirt and had been breathing carbon tetrachloride fumes since they were born in the back of the machine.”

Thankfully, the kittens and their mother are now being well cared for in a foster home.


One might ponder about the kittens having a clean start to their young lives! (Sorry!)

8 thoughts on “Let’s hear if for these kittens.

    1. Too many instances of this happening. Ranger, our horse, was abandoned in the Ochoco forest in Oregon when his owners moved out of State! The degree of forgiveness shown by our animals in these situations is incredible!

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      1. Again, Susan, we didn’t put in the effort and expense of rescuing Ranger; that was Darla Clark. The luck was us finding this property back in 2012 and having the grassland for the horses.

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