Picture Parade One Hundred and Sixty-Four

Thought today’s picture parade should carry an Autumnal theme!

All these photographs of the deer, wild turkeys and the Harvest Moon were taken at home last Thursday. (NB: The turkeys were born on our property this last Spring.)








I sincerely hope that wherever you are in the world, assuming the Northern Hemisphere, you are having an evocative and peaceful Autumn, or Fall in American speak! (Barb – or Spring in ‘Down Under’ speak!)

18 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Sixty-Four

  1. Yes, Spring has just begun in the Land Down Under and we have seen an awesome moon lately – so bright and full, there is no need for street lights!


      1. That’s a lovely part of Queensland. I vaguely recall traveling up that coast as far North as Cairns and Port Douglas before turning West. I say vaguely because it was 1969!

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  2. Your home seems like Shangra La to me- very serene and peaceful surrounded by animals. I loved the framing of the harvest moon between the trees. The moon was so bright tonight, I found myself being startled by it’s luminescence. Thank you for my nightly moment of Zen.


    1. These last few nights have offered the most fabulous full moon it seems all year. Yes, it’s a wonderful place to live albeit a lot of work. But it’s still a dream come true to be living in such rural beauty.

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      1. Yes, that aspect of having animals is key for us. For example, we would have never been able to take on Ben and Ranger, our ex-rescue horses, without having the acreage that we do have.

        Seeing how they both blossomed once in safe and loving hands, Ben especially, was magical. Indeed, still is!

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